Consignment vs EBay vs Facebook group

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  1. Hi all,
    I was wondering about where I might get the better deal while selling some of my LV bags/SLGs. Thought about selling to Yoogis Closet because I just want to get cash with less hassle. But want to get a good deal. My bags are in very good to like new condition.
    Any thoughts?

  2. You will get better prices from within the FB groups, BUT your going to get every question under the sun and some will want you to trade or take payments. Fashionphile consignment you will get roughly 70%. Yoogis buy out maybe 50%. I think they offer too low but they are professional and easy to work with it and will respond quickly. I wouid be leary of Ebay because too many people out there trying to scam. Hope this helps. ~ XOXO
  3. Thank you sooo much!
  4. try Tradesy as well. similar fee structure to ebay, but they guarantee authenticity so buyers often feel 'safer' purchasing there. yoogis lowballs and their offers tend to be super low, fashionphile gives fair quotes. you might consider consigning, it nets you more from those places.
  5. I have had good luck with Fashionphile. I agree with others, although I love to work with Yoogi's on purchases, I just can't accept their lower buyouts/consignments in selling bags. I am way too nervous to sell through Ebay. So many horror stories! I have heard good things about the FB groups, but it still sounds like a hassle to me. I accept peace of mind in exchange for a lower price. Good luck!
  6. When I have bags to sell I get quotes from Yoogis, Fashionphile, Couture usa and Anns Fabulous Finds. Sometimes they are very close sometimes not so much but at least you will have several options to choose from.
  7. If you're in a trusted FB group, then selling it yourself get you more cash. No hassle, then consignment is your best option. My experience, Yoogi's usually offer lower quote than FP but not by a big gap. I think it's bc Yoogi's well priced, so things usually start selling within minutes after they listed on their site. They list fast and pays fast. The thing you have to consider, not only the condition of your item but the popularity as well when it comes to getting a decent quote.
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  8. I have sold to Yoogis and Couture USA both wonderful experiences...I may get more money elsewhere but there are no hassles on my part...I don't know how private groups handle returns or an unhappy buyer?
  9. I just sold 9 bags to Yoogi's Closet this week. It was an easy transaction and I took the buy-out option. I wanted something easy. All my bags were in like-new condition. I could have gotten more money selling directly on eBay but it's a lot more work. I also talked to Real Real but I didn't like their terms. They wanted to take my bags on consignment but they keep them for 1 year, I said no. I have sold to Fashionphile before but they don't take all brands. I dealt directly with them since I have one near my home. Hope this helps.
  10. I get quotes from all of them to compare. I sold 3 items on eBay and it was a nightmare. My items were brand new but my feedback number low, I'll never sell on there again. Fashionphile has worked for me.
  11. It's super duper easy to sell in the FB groups, and several of the more popular ones have thousands of members, so your stuff hits a large audience.
  12. What are some the names of the Facebook groups?
  13. Louis Vuitton Addicted Buy Sell and Chat is a pretty good group. I bought a few things from great sellers there
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  14. I am in that group was just wondering if their were others
  15. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I really appreciate the feedback.