Consignment Stores

  1. Has anyone shopped with the consignment stores Luxury Exchange & Paris Station? I've heard mixed reviews of both - especially Paris Station, someone found out she had bought a fake. I'd appreciate your reviews & authentication! :smile:
  2. I haven't bought anything from either one but since I live in Hawaii I've been to both stores. I went to Paris station a few years ago when they first opened a small store but I saw somethings I that looked off so I never really bought anything. I went recently just to look but I think they are overpriced IMHO
    I've been to Luxury Exchange twice and the owner is pretty rude and acts like you aren't gonna buy anything. Her reviews on yelp are pretty bad too so it wasn't only me she was mean too. She has a lot of nice condition pieces but be warned she does display them in the window exposed to sunlight. Even when the store is closed the bags are still in the window. It's not all of the bags, mostly LV in the window. But now the store doesn't even have normal store hours. Last time I saw a sign in the window that says by appointment only.
    I would choose Luxury Exchange over Paris Station because even though she's rude she does seems to have a better background for selling bags.
    But both of their prices are higher than eBay. If you do your research right and get auctions authenticated here and buy from a trustworthy seller than you could get a better price.
    Or try Malleries. It's a bunch of different sellers who sell designer items and they have a strict policy for selling authentic items. Sellers need to meet certain guidelines to be able to sell there. Luxury Exchange started on Malleries and she eventually opened her own store.
  3. This. i don't trust Paris Exchange. I walked in that store, LVs were all over the place and place looked really awful. She had Hermes bags that were supposed to be 11K or some awfully high prices strewn all over the counter and I thought they were fake. I definitely do not recommend that store. And very overpriced.
  4. Have you ran a search? I know they've been discussed :yes: