Consignment Stores

  1. so: i'm always hearing about people getting b-bags from consignment shops, but i have no idea where to start. i thought it might be cool for us to share the good shops in our areas and the finds we've found in them!
    i'd love to know the good consignment shops in my area...i live in seattle, WA.
  2. Hey Pip,
    there is INA in n.y.c , they have 3 locations and they will get a bbag in every now and then... and they are reputable and the bags are a little discounted.. But the S.A'S can be a little nasty.....
  3. Great site esiders! Thanks for the recommendation!
  4. No problem!! Ann is a PF'er and has sold a couple of bags for me! :heart:
  5. WOw, this site is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!