consignment stores in Toronto Canada for Bags?

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  1. hi ladies, do any of you live in Toronto area and if so do you know any consignment stores that sell authentic handbags?
    thanks !
  2. i was in toronto for a few months last year and there were a couple of really great shops on yorkville avenue (that's the street just one block north of bloore street between young and avenue road)... i got a great prada with tags and there were lots of awesome bags, chanel, dior - i wish i had more cash!!! sorry i can't be more precise... one was on the north side of the street near avenue road and you had to go down some steps. it was next door to an awesome and famous vintage ball gown shop... the other one was on the south side of the street, a little further towards younge street but you had to go up stairs for it... the third one closest to younge street kind of sucked and smelled :sad:

    anyway. i'm not from there and my recollection isn't great... but i would def. go back in search of bags if i was ever in t.o. again... maybe someone from t.o. can help fill in my missing names and addresses?
  3. One of the best shops is Second Time Around vintage owned by Karen Wong. it is right beside Over the Rainbow on the 3rd floor. This shop is a consignment store that specializes in designer goods. It is expensive (don't expect to get a good deal) but still way cheaper than paying retail. Plus it never hurts to give them an offer!
  4. Hi, The one in yorkville is called L'elegante. I've consigned some stuff there before. They have some nice accessories - I've seen prada and chanel there etc.... great condition! Some nice shoes too!
  5. thanks all!
    im gonna visit them next week!
    i hope i can score a Prada!