Consignment Store Sold an Item I Cancelled

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  1. I sent a bag to a consignment store and then asked them to cancel the listing. They agreed to the cancellation - very graciously. So, I was waiting for the bag to be returned when 5 days later, I got a congratulatory email stating that the bag had been sold.

    What recourse do I have, if any? I believe the bag was sold in person, not online, as I don't see the listing (sold bags are still listed on their website).
  2. Oh dear. Do you have a record of your communication? Have you called to ask for explanation? Sorry this happened to you.
  3. They told me they'd have to get back to me. And yes, I have the email I sent after they asked for confirmation of the cancellation.

    Edit: But I was thinking if they sold it to a customer in person, they can't get it back.
  4. Had you changed your mind about selling?
  5. Yes, a relative found out about the bag I was selling and wanted it. I was actually surprised they were willing to return it to me, quite honestly, but at that point, it hadn't been listed yet. In hindsight, I should've followed up. It's my first time using a consignment store.
  6. Did you sign up to terms and conditions? Read them if you did. Sounds like they may have not communicated to others and it got sold. It was an error. Let us know the outcome x
  7. Sorry that the communication was not what you expected.

    Perhaps someone in the consignment store got busy after your message was
    received & did not pass it on to the right individual (?) & inadvertently it got sold sold ...
  8. ^^ Yes, it was a miscommunication between departments. That bag sold super quick. I already told that relative she was getting the bag, and now I'll have to hunt another one down. But the store was willing to renegotiate their fees at least.
  9. That sucks!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that happened. On one hand, it's nice to know your bag sold quickly but not so great because now your relative can't have it. I hope they gave you a big break on the fees for their screw up.