consignment store finds?

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  1. I :heart: bags and I believe in never paying full retail!

    Luckily, I live in the Washington DC area and we have many fabulous designer consignment stores. I have had some luck finding great bags at ridiculously low prices. So I would like to know if anyone else had good luck with consignment shopping? What about online consignment stores?

    Some of my consignment store treasures are:

    LV “Bucket” - $390

    Isabella Fiore "Crazy Patch" - $120

    Dior blue jean logo tote - $485

    Really wish my photos aren't too big to attach, I want to show them off! If anyone knows how to shrink down photos without having to buy software, let me know.
  2. Yay! Found a way to shrink down the photos :happydance:
    LV_BUCKET.jpg IFIORE.jpg DIOR.jpg
  3. I think winonas chanel find and someones hermes find can't be beat.
  4. Love all of them.....especially the bucket!!! What a find!!
  5. To the OP: If you live in DC you must know the Georgetown area? Right near my campus on M street is a great shop called Annie Creamcheese. If you haven't been there you should check it out. I picked up a LV handbag there and they also carry Chanel, Dior, Gucci, etc. I love consignment stores! At home my sister and I would spend a whole day going to consignment shops and and even thrift stores like Salvation Army and PARC (which are huge and not gross at all where we live). Great stuff- I got a classic all weather leather Dooney at the Salvation Army for 2 dollars, polished it up with this shoe polish type stuff, and get compliments on it all the time!
  6. I love consignment stores, and while back in the always the first place I go to shop. OK...let me think of some of my finds:
    1. Crocodile evening bag... $9, took it to a luxury shoe/handbag maker, and he said it was worth about $1200
    2. Chloe silver mesh evening bag $100
    3. My beautiful Chanel tote $400 with the $1600 price tags still on (this was actually at Salvation Army, but figure it still counts)
    4. LV Keepall $40...they thought it was fake, but it turned out to be real.
    So...many more...I can't even think!!! That is just the start...clothes and shoes....I miss consignment shops!!!
  7. I found a Kate Spade messenger for 5 dollars and an Isabella Fiore tote for 7 dollars down the street from where I work... that was a day of great bag karma!
  8. Oh, I looooooove consignment shops! After hearing some stories on this board, I have decided to keep my eyes peeled...

    This is my fave consignment find:

    It's not a well known name:

    but the leather is deeelicious, I love it, and get compliments all the time. Plus the strap is big enough for me to wear it like this:

    Not bad for $5!
  9. Tres cute, stylebaby!
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