Consignment store find Stresa PM $150

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  1. [​IMG]
    The owner posted her on FB. I spotted it and called her. She said someone was on the way to look at it, but she would call me if the person didn't buy it. I called an hour later. The person hadn't shown. Of course I was at work and wouldn't be able to go until the end of the day. So I bought it over the phone based on the few pics I saw on FB. She informed me of the flaws plus I had seen them on FB. I wasn't worried about authenticity because she is reputable and I have bought and sold through her.
    I can't believe how abused this poor bag was. I spent the whole evening scrubbing her inside and out. I will use her for awhile and decide if I will keep her or not. I bought her to use in inclement weather or when I don't want to use my good bags. I only posted one pic because Photobucket is acting up.
  2. I forgot to mention, the consignment store owner said she like the vintage look of the bag:confused1::wondering. Vintage???? The bag is only 2 yrs old according to the date code. Whoever owned her previously did not take good care of her. :sad:
  3. What an incredible find! She definitely needs some TLC. Can't wait to see more before and after photos!
  4. Awesome find! If that purse can talk it's thanking you for rescuing her.
  5. What a find for $150.00 - even if you had to spend another $300.00 on a day spa for her you would still be miles ahead in terms of dollars$$$$$$
  6. I'm still having problems w/Photobucket. My pics came up this morning but when I moved the first one to an album it said moved sucessfully, but then it stays in the waiting mode til it finally times out and and error message comes up. I rebooted my phone and now I can't get into anything. It just sits there in that waiting mode. :pout:
    Here is a list of the flaws. Overall the canvas had a grayish yellowish tinge to it. Nicotine? The bottom leather pieces both had brown stains almost like hair dye. Also, yellow stain on bottom canvas. One side of bag has hot pink stain. I have no idea what it is. I scrubbed it til it faded, but it still can be seen. The vachetta trim isn't too bad, considering. The interior was dirty and stained. The inside of the slip pockets were gross. I scraped out a dirt like substance. The interior had an odor, not a bad one. Almost like nail products. Maybe the former owner worked at a nail/hair salon. If I put my nose right on the interior I thought I could detect a light cigarette smoke odor.
    What I did for cleaning is, first I scrubbed the canvas w/Mr Cleans Magic Eraser and Apple leather cleaner. Plain soap and water didn't work. I couldn't believe the grime that came off.
    I wiped down the vachetta trim w/the leather cleaner and used the magic eraser on stained areas. Then used the leather conditioner on it after it dried. I scrubbed out the interior with Dawn dish soap. Then blow dried it. Most of the odor went away. It wasn't a bad odor. Kind of like nail products and hair spray.
    So, I plan on using her today depending on how she looks in the day light. My intent, when I bought her, is to use her on the rainy/snowy days and for when I go places I don't want to bring my other bags to, like kids birthday parties, etc.
  7. This bag is beautiful. It's not one I would usually pick because I don't use shoulder bags, but for $150, who could resist? I don't know what this bag retails for because I can't access the LV website on my phone, but I Googled the price and came up with $2,227.
  8. What a great find! It amazes me how people treat they bag. You surely deserve it more than the previous owner.
  9. Thank you. I felt bad for the bag like it was an abandoned and abused pet. I guess that's why I'm on tPF. :P
  10. I can totally relate! My preloved Mahina would have been in the same faith if the seller didn't sell it any sooner. Now I'm treating her with love :smile:

  11. What a great find for you and your Mahina is now in good hands. I don't understand why someone would spend so much on a bag only to abuse it. This was not normal wear and tear.
  12. great find!
  13. What a steal!
  14. I know! Some people think I'm crazy at how protective I am of my bags but that's only right. That's more like abuse and tear to me, lol!

  15. It is still a good deal for a Stresa :smile: