consignment shops?


May 21, 2014
Has anyone ever purchased from shop material world, its a consignment shop in bk, also has an eBay shop and return policy. just want to know anyones experience. any reccomendations on consignments?
Feb 18, 2015
I have not purchased from them, but I just checked out their ebay feedback. I would be wary. They have several negatives about fake items and items that were damaged and the damage not being disclosed. And they also apparently don't communicate well so if you do have a problem, getting them to answer questions can apparently be an issue. Do you have an actual store location where you live? If so, you could look at the items in person and access any damages yourself. You could also take pictures of the item and send them to an authenticator (cost of a few $). I would get anything from a consignment shop authenticated before buying it.