consignment shops

  1. hi all! i know a lot of you have had a lot of success at consignment shops. i was wondering if "the snob," a particular consignment shop, is legit. or if anyone knows of any other good, legit ones, pleeeease send them my way. it's almost my birthday and MAYBE, just MAYBE, i can get a chanel!!

  2. Chicago has a few well-known consignment shops, but I must say that I'm almost insulted by the prices they ask for used shoes, bags, and clothes... not to mention how little they offer in return for your goods.

    But maybe that's the nature of the business?

    I haven't heard of The Snob... I don't think it's possible to make a blanket statement about whether or not any consignment shop "is legit" as you say. Definitely weigh a bag on its individual merits and be 100% sure that the bag itself is authentic. There are plenty of no-name shops that could have real steals, and there are probably some fakes that slip through reputable consignment stores.
  3. A consignment shop will only be as good as the person who authenticates for them. I've seen really high end shops selling fakes that they swear are real....because "their clients can afford the real thing and would never buy fake"....that always cracks me up!!!!:roflmfao:

    Be careful!!!! I'm sure there are deals out there....somewhere!!!
  4. That's true. They could turn a blind eye to fakes because they want/need constant arrivals of merchandise in order to stay in business. Do they even care if they are selling replicas? Some very ethical shop owners may care.:shrugs:
  5. I agree with you... I went to a local consignment shops that other day. They are located at the "rich" part of town. And of course they swore that the items are authentic. But I saw fake LVs and stuff :yucky: