Consignment shops in NY

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  1. anyone been lately?
  2. Tha's very interesting! thanks for the info!
  3. aw boo i was looking for some deals- thought there were new posts up. i'll go within the next few weeks and let u ladies know...
  4. Oh, thanks for the info! I'll keep this in mind whenever I'm in NYC.
  5. not as great as they used to be IMHO.
  6. ITA... not as many steals as a couple of years ago
  7. I usually go to A Second Chance Resale.
    It's a small consignment shop in the upper east side.
    They have a good collection of Chanels.
    6 train to 77th street 1 block away
  8. I am going to NYC soon and I would love to visit a good consignment shop, with designer bags of course!
  9. I've been to Michael's and also the other boutique right next door.
    Michaels has a BV Cabat for $2,200! And some Chanel, Hermes, etc
    The store next door has more bags, I think priced a little lower. Those are the only two I know of.