Consignment shops in NY

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  1. Thank you!
  2. going to NEW YORK soon and always wanted to visit some great consignment shops! Any New Yorkers here? please let me know of good stores to visit (for LV, Chanel, Hermes) ???? I know there are plenty on the Upper East Side, just not sure where:confused1:
  3. I do not reccomend tallymia, IMO ebay is still a good place to find a tur "bargain" on designer handbags, even if you have to becareful since there are many fakes as well.

    They sell pretty high on designer handbags in NYC. It's better you pay a little bit more to get new ones.
  4. thanks for you reply :smile:, I know those shops don't trully have bargains, and sometimes, when item is discontinued, they are more than original price; however, I would still like to go and see what they carry as I have never been to one. I know there's Ina and Tokio 7, anything else?
  5. INA is pretty good
  6. Michaels on Madison. Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, Pucci etc.
  7. Hii

    not sure if this is the right place to ask, but i was wondering whether anyone could recommend consignment stores in NYC where i could sell some of my unwanted designer clothing?
  8. When I worked in the East Village I'd always scope out Tokyo Joe's on E11th
  9. beacons closet
  10. Yes- how could I forget Beacon's? They're in my neighborhood and I take quite alot to them- if you are willing to go to Brooklyn they're great. Most of the stuff they carry is "mid range" to low end, but they will pay OK for a nice designer piece.
  11. i like tokio7 on east 7th between 1st and 2nd ave.
  12. i am a longtime fan of INA! tons of locations in new york
  13. La Boutique Resale! LOVE the lady there, shes asian and got me the BEST deal on my fendi bag.