Consignment shops in NY

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  1. welcome to the bv subforum, sign_coachboi. i'd say one of the best bags to start off with would be a veneta, which is an icon bag. great lambskin and triple weave, with a shape versatile enough to go from supermarket shopping to the boardroom. it is also highly practical and fits a lot, yet is one of the lightest all-leather bags in the market.

    sorry i can't be of any help with stores in your area, as i am in singapore. maybe one of the other tpfers can help?
  2. thank you so much for all of your help i am in love with the veneta ..... and hopefully some one will direct ne in teh right direction to where to find one on consignment ..... i usaully am in just coach subform but i really want to branch out more into various other labels and am very much drawn to BV .. just seems like such a true classic and functional label
  3. Does anyone know of any reputable consignment stores in NYC that carry or have carried BBags?

  4. I've been going to NYC on business for years and never have enough time to go hunting for good handbag consignment shops! Can anyone recommend a few as I am taking the hubster with me on the next trip...?
  5. I was just there and visited Encore...I think it was on Madison? They had a nice selection and even a few Hermes bags, some Chanel clothing, etc. -- apparently my friend recognized a man in there as owning the place Decades in LA - consignment or vintage store the stars shop at?? It was fun....we wanted to visit more but most are closed on Sunday I guess!
  6. Im basically cleaning out my entire closet and i have a pile of clothes (half my height) .. lol about 50 pieces of stuff that i will never ever wear again

    im looking for a consignment store where i can make the most money off of my used clothes.

    ive searched the forum but im still a little confused about how it works?

    can i bring in shoes too? old bags?

    most of the things i will be giving away are "lower brands" .. mostly forever 21 .. h&m , things like that

    i have been selling on ebay for years so i know not to give away expensive brands to get only $5 for it .. when i can sell my old jeans on ebay for $60-$100

    so anyways

    i googled these stores around my area and this is what i came up with:

    buffalo exchange

    [SIZE=+1]Beacon's Closet

    hooti couture

    anyone been to these ? reviews? which do you recommend?

    i also offered my boyfriend to come with me cuz he has a lot of things to give away... do they take male clothes?
  7. anyone?
  8. Not sure about the others, but Plato's Closet and Buffalo Exchange are not consignment stores. They are used clothing stores and will give you 1/3 of what they will sell the item for, which is almost nothing. You won't get very much money at all.
  9. ^^ Yeah. Try to find a true consignment store.
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    Has anybody ever purchased anything from a consignment shop in NY? Is there one that you would recommend? What are your overall experiences shopping that way?
  11. Roundabout they have a few stores they just opened one on 72nd street
  12. cool thanks, i'll check it out. is this the one on madison?
  13. I have a few Damier items I want to offload. I live in NYC.

    Can anyone please give me a steer as to the best consignment stores in NYC to sell LV items quickly? I would appreciate any advice. Feel free to PM me too.

    thanks in advance
  14. Can anyone recommend some good consignment shops in NYC? I have clothes & shoes I never wore that I want to sell. Trying to clean out the closet for spring...