Consignment shops in NY

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  1. Anyone Who Lives In Nyc Knows About Michael's, The Ultimate Madison Avenue Consignment Shop. Always Great Chanel, Prada, Tod's, And Often Even Hermes. Clothes, Shoes, And Bags. Pre-owned But Recent Seasons Merchandise. I Just Got A Great Deal On A Pair Of New Tory Burch Gold Metallic Reva Flats For $110.00. Also Has A Wedding Department. Usually Have Great, Chanel, Etc. Too. Worth A Weekly Trip Because Anything New Flies Out The Door. Separate Sections Just For Hermes And Chanel...two Other Consignments Shops Up The Avenue...definitely Not As Well Stocked As Michael's But Always Worth A Look. Michael's Is In Nyc On Madison Ave. Between 79th. And 80th. Streets On The Second Floor. Not To Be Missed.
  2. I've never been to one, but so far, I've got four on my list:
    Fisch for the Hip

    any others you can recommend that sell high end designer?

  3. You may also want to try Encore.
  4. do consignment shops have good year-round inventory, or are there certain times that there's good stuff to be had, (in other words, hit or miss)? i've never been to one, and I'm heading into the city today and thought i'd check a couple out since i have some free time, though it's sooooo cold.
  5. Actually that helps because I'm going to NYC next weekend and want to hit up some different type of stores than we have at home :biggrin:
  6. There was one selling designer stuff that was right near the Rebecca Taylor boutique in SoHo. Everything was out of my price range, though. I remember they had Pucci and YSL.
  7. Michael's is always worth a trip...don't miss the case in the back where they have the really great stuff...Hermes, Chanel, etc. They may be even running their Winter sale next week...Good luck and let me know if you find anything great.
  8. I have found some really great things at Encore too. I think it is near Michael's.
  9. Yes, Encore is very near to Michaels but I think Michael's has the superior selection...there is another one called Bis I think in the same area.
  10. Babyhart, if you can, will you post where you went and how were the consignment stores in N.Y.-I am going to N.Y. next month and would love to go to a hi end consignment shop there., thanks!

  11. excellent!!! thanks for the tips!!! i live just 15 minutes away from nyc and am a newbie in the wonderful world of designer purses and accessories.. i'll definitely check those places out!!!:yahoo:
  12. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum but since a lot of you ladies probably have experience with NYC consignment shops, perhaps you might know which will also pay the best prices (since getting money for things we don't want so we could get other things is a deal too!)

    Anyway, I'm looking to get rid of designer items, many unworn/unused, so if you know of any places that pay up front for certain labels, that would be great too! I heard Transfer International does, but I've been unable to get in touch with them. I'm not interested in selling anything on the forum - only the names of consignment shops and their policies, if available, and any experience you've had selling to them - so I hope I don't offend anyone.

    As always, I'm grateful for any wisdom you ladies have to offer, so thanks in advance!
  13. during the summer, i took a bunch of my stuff to cadillac castle (LES). the two owners there were really great. it was my first time so i didn't know what to expect but they were really friendly and they didn't push me to mark down my prices like the owner at tokio joe. i don't think they buy items outright unless it's off season (for instance, i think they buy summer stuff in the winter and vice versa). rule of thumb is if you want a consingment shop to buy your stuff, they're going to say the item needs to be dry cleaned (even if it's brand new and still has the tags on it). so alot of people collect the plastic bag they get from their local dry cleaner and use those to avoid unnecessary dry cleaning costs. hope this helps.
  14. It depends on the designer...if it is really high end the best place, from my experience, is Michael's on the UES. They have a huge amount of customers but they are very demanding about what they will old it is and, of course, the condition. I have sold many things there and they do a 50/50 split. I find they sell some of their bags a little low however, esp. Prada and Tods.
  15. so i have always liked bottega veneta honestly i luv them but have yet to make that commitment and actually purchase one and now i honestly want to take that plunge .... I am drueling over the bottega venetta large hobo and over my break back home i went up to neiman marcus in white plains and i touched it and i luv the look and it was on my wishlist for xmas but i did not get it like i am happy with all the items i recived like my BF did surprise me with breakfast at my favorite hotel the st regis the rooms are amazing and some coahc sneakers and some light clothes shopping at my favorite dept stores but overal what i really want to know is for a first time BV shopper what bag can u recomend ( starting off small ) and if any one knwo of nice reputable shops in the areas i mention in the title o fthe thread that carry BV that would be a god send .... like i am in school and dont want to over do it but like what is a good starter bag for newbie to BV ....