Consignment shops in Europe?

  1. Hi, there!!! I was wondering whether any of you knows any good consignment shop where to find good (vintage) LV, Gucci, Chanel, etc. bags... I've seen many in the US but cannot seem to find any here!!! :huh:

    All tips will be very much appreciated!!!!!! :flowers:
  2. There are quite a few in Paris. They are called depôt-ventes. Many are concentrated along the r. d'Alesia. Here's a list I have, I am not sure how up to date it is, or how many have handbags, but you get the general idea:

    La Marelle---21/25 Galerie Vivienne, 75002, Metro: Bourse 01-42-60-08-19.

    Misentroc---63 rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, 75006, Metro: Notre-Dame-des-Champs, 01-46-33-03-67, near the Jardin du Luxembourg

    Au Grand du Vent---10 rue des Quatre Vents,75006., Metro: Mabillon 01-44-07-28-73

    Timothe---10 rue Dupuytren, 75006., Metro: Odeon, 01-46-34-27-12

    Le Depot-Vente de Buci-Bourbon---4/6 rue de Bourbon-le-Chateau, 75006, Metro: Mabillon, 01-46-34-45-05

    Anna Lowe---104 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore,75008, Metro: Miromesnil, 01-42-66-11-32, (allows VAT refund)

    Grif--Troc--- 17 Blvd. De Courcelles, & 119 Blvd Malasherbes, 75008, Metro: Villiers

    Feiga---9 rue Scribe, 75009, Metro: Opera, 01-40-07-10-20.

    L’ Annexe des Createurs---19 rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009, Metro: Madeleine, 01-42-65-46-40,

    C'Pour Vous ---66 rue d'Alesia, 75104, Metro: Alesia,,

    SR---64 rue d'Alesia, 75014, Metro: Alesia,

    Evolutif---72 rue d'Alesia, 75014, Metro: Alesia.

    Salle des Ventes Alesia---123 rue Alesia, 75014, Metro: Alesia,, houshold furnishings, accessories

    Mi-Prix---27 blvd. Victor, 75015, Metro: Porte de Versailles, 01-48-28-42-48

    Catherine---35 rue Desnouettes, 75015, Metro: Porte de Versailles, 01-42-50-52-55, A few designer items buried in a consignment piles.

    Trocanelle---35 rue de la Croix Nivert, 75015, Metro: Cambronne, 01-43-06-34-15

    Reciproque shops--- rue de la Pompe,75016., Metro: Rue de la Pompe, 01-47-04-30-28, (several consignment shops for costume jewelry, handbags, menswear, lingerie, shoes, coats,, womens evening wear, and street clothes along the same street)

    Depot-Vente de Passy---14-16 rue de la Tour, 75016, Metro: Passy, 01-45-20-95-21

    Foundation d’ Auteuil---40 rue la Fontaine, 75016, Metro: Jasmin

    Depot-Vente du 17eme---109 rue de Courcelles, 75017, Metro: Pereire, 01-40-53-80-82, consignment shop both mens & womenswear

    Guerrisol---19-29-31 Avenue de Clichy, 75017, Metro: Place de Clichy

    Trocade---9 ave. de Villiers, 75017, Metro: Wagram, 01-42-67-80-14
  3. When I was in paria there was a whole street full of them. It was in the old university part of the city. I can't remeber the name....
    Anyways one of the stores had great bags. There was what looked like a brand new gucci from 2001 for only 200 Euros!!

    In Luxembourg (maybe too far away) there is a great store called Teddy's or Teddy Bear's or something like that. In the centre-ville (near Le Royale Hotel). They have great stuff. It seems like they only take designers. The old lady who owns the store also runs it. The only thing bad is that the hours are terrible. It is closed for about 1 week for every single type of vacation. I think it is opened only during the week from 10-4 or something like that. Great store though and wonderful stuff. It all comes and goes sooo quickly. Everytime I go there it seems like everything is different!!

    Where are you looking for in Europe? What country(ies)?
  4. Thank you, girls!!! I had some of the addresses in Paris, but I'm certainly adding a couple more ;)
    I'm leaving in the Netherlands and I'm many times a month in London... so I was wondering whether there were good shop on this side of the continent... but I guess I'll have to jump into the Thalys and take a couple of days to shop in France!!!
  5. I know there are a lot in London, except not designer ones... hmm.... im not sure if I can help u there.... sry!
  6. cece31, where are the consignement shops in the US? can you give me a link of the thread from this forum?
  7. cece31: thanks for the links. they are only selling authentic, right?
  8. Looks like it... but I never purchased anything so I wouldn't know :hrmm: