Consigned query

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  1. Can anyone advise? Sent two bags to consignment to be listed on eBay and sellers site. Both bags sold straight away, however when I emailed and asked for an update on my sales was told that one of the bGs was being returned by buyer as she hadn't reAd the listing properly and didn't realise this bag had a particular sort of lining (despite pics in the listing). The consigned says they are obliged to honour the refund and will relist the bag once received.
    My question is why? Surely if I listed this privately and a buyer didn't read the listing properly my reaction would be tough...
    Do consigners operate a more lenient returns policy??? And so far they haven't responded to my query that o hope I will only be charged one lot of paypal and listing fees... Please if you can advise can you PM me? Thanks
  2. The consignor may have "store policy" and accept returns under certain terms. You should be able to view their policy on their listings. And I would think this might be referenced in your consignment contract...??
    Ebay/PP are also quite pro-buyer, so many sellers will take returns, despite what the listing says, simply to avoid the headache of a dispute/claim.
    Also, I think once the return/refund is complete, seller can recoup most ebay/PP fees by cancelling the transaction.
  3. Yes that was my thoughts altho I'm unhappy at the amt of chasing I'm having to do - wondering if it would have been less hassle to sell them myself!
  4. Consignment is a huge rip-off, IMHO. A lot of consignment stores sell at a big mark-up, but after listing fees, final value fees, PayPal fees, and the cut that the consignment store takes, I really don't think it's worth it. Selling by yourself is really worth the effort you put into it. :tup:
  5. thanks for your replies, to be fair consigner has now come back to me and said that because of Distance Seling Regs they are bound to honour the return... they are waiting the bag back and i hope it sells again soon!!!