consigment stores??

  1. Hey guys- I have some bags that i want to sell but don't have an eBay account or know of friends that do... someone told me that there are stores in downtown nyc where you bring in the bags and they do it all for you.. sell, package, etc... and they just get a %age of the sale price. Is this true? if so, do you guys recommend any places? THANKS!:yes:
  2. i soldit is a chain that will take your item and sell it on eBay for a %. google it for your area. we have one in my area and i have seen many auctions run by them.
  3. you can also look on eBay for trading assistants in your area that will sell it for you. sometimes they take less than an isoldit. they usually take a percentage of the sale and the client is responsible for listing and all fees. i'm a ta in nyc.
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