Considering Vachetta...

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  1. so i have been on the look-out for a camel/light brown bag lately and came across a little MJ number on bay. my only reservation about it is that it is made of vachetta leather. granted, i don't have any experience with vachetta. i have only heard things about it -- mostly on LV bags. mainly i have heard that it can be a delicate leather to deal with. i am not really one to baby and pamper my bags. i am not overly rough with them, but i do believe in actually using them. so i guess i need some reassurance that such a purchase is justifiable. what are your experiences with MJ's vachetta?

    also, am i correct in understanding that vachetta should NOT be treated at all? so that means not even a protectant like apple guard's rain and stain?

    oh, this is the bag i am contemplating:

  2. i'm not familiar with that particular bag, but i was under the impression that mj bags were not made with vachetta, but rather treated calfskin? i've never read of anyone having problems with that style, so i imagine it's more durable than you think. perhaps someone who's had firsthand experience with that bag will chime in?
  3. i dont think it's vachetta, but on some of MJ's earlier bags, like this one, he used a type of calfskin that does oxidize with wear and contact with skin oils... i know lovinmybags makes a product to prevent the 'patina' from might consider that