Considering the shrug...


Jul 17, 2006
and would love to know all your opinions on it!
I would think that getting in and out would be a pain, especially since there is no exterior pocket? The shape of it is kinda cool but is it comfortable?
Please chime in with positive or negative thoughts!! :P thanks :heart:
There is no zip at the top, just the fold-over flap. Things might fall out? Unwanted hands might get in? I always worry about pickpockets – bane of living in a city.
I think it is a gorgeous bag! I have one in Lilac and the only thing I even remotely don't like about it is the color - I must be the only Bal lover that does NOT like Lilac! :shame: I prefer darker colors but DH bought it for me...

It fits so nicely against the body and is super comfortable on the shoulder. It is easy to get in and out of and there is no way DH can get his hand in my bag when it is on my shoulder. :yes:

It still slouches and looks so unique compared to a lot of bags out there. It fits a ton and still looks awesome.
I got the Shrug in Ink from Barney's NY last week and did not like it.:yucky: The leather and color was amazing :drool: but the handle was shorter than the Day. It would not fit comfortably over my coat. :sad: Also did not like the flap, it kept moving up so i returned it. I like the Day style better.:love:
I have a truffle shrug and I love it so much that I am neglecting my other b-bags! One of the things I like best is that there is no zipper so it's very easy to get into when I need to. On the shoulder, though, it's secure. Nobody is going to reach in without me noticing, and the opening is actually pretty small when the flap is closed.

The inner pocket is huge, which is good for me. As much as I love my moto bags, I'm not a fan of the tassles, so I love that the shrug has none. I also like the cleaner look since it has no handles hanging down.

Overall size is perfect. I tried the day bag but it is too big and hangs too low for me. The shrug is slightly smaller than the day but can still hold so much. The leather is super thick, smooth and nice on my truffle. When I ordered it, BNY accidentally sent a greige shrug instead. Greige is one of my favorites but I already have a greige city but *man* if I wasn't tempted to keep it and get the truffle as well! The leather on that was one perfect. Thick and no veins. Now I want it again. :P
I got my Ink Shrug on sale recently at Barneys Ny and I LOVE it. I have been carrying it everyday, regardless if it matched what I was wearing (it was close enough where people wouldnt point and laugh).

The strap is shorter than the day, so if youre a little bigger you may not be able to wear it on your shoulder. I like the fact that it stays on my shoulder. It sits up and doesnt fall flat in a puddle. My flap is softening up nice so it falls over the bag nicely.

I wish there was a pocket on the outside on the back. That U shaped thing where the flap connects would have been perfect.

I would like to get at least one more Shrug at some point.
:busted Guilty:true:
I need to either either sh*t or get off the proverbial tassle-and-buckle-adorned pot. Dying to get a new bag and spending hours a day looking at them. Perhaps if I didn't spend so much time in front of my computer I might have managed to generate the means for a little ban-breaker.