Considering the Sac Hardy opinions needed please!

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  1. Hello everyone :smile:

    I want a new Goyard tote, I'm trying to see what other options are out there besides the St Louis.
    I'm loving the Sac Hardy but I haven't had the chance to try it.
    Do you guys think this works as a tote for men?
    I'm not tall, 175 cm and slim.
    I'm loving the structure of this tote yet how casual it looks.
    By the way I'm talking about the pm size, Im almost sure the GM is too large.
    Anyone knows how this bag compares in size to the St Louis Pm/Gm?
    Thanks :smile:
  2. I love the Hardy ! Way more luxurious and better-made than the St-Louis which is basically a tote made to carry groceries lol.

    But I think you should give the GM a try ! Big bags are - i think - better looking on men than small ones that remind of a woman's handbag.

    Here is a picture of a men carrying his Hardy GM :smile:

    Good luck with your decision !

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  3. What about the Voltaire tote? I have one and I love it, plus it is an official men's style and it comes with a shoulder strap as well.


  4. I already have one St Louis and yes it is a VERY simple bag. Thanks for the picture! I agree with you, Sac Hardy has more details and I love the leather panels.
    I might need to go all the way to Paris and try it out.

  5. I did consider it, but I have a couple of bags in the same shape and open top, I want a zipper this time.
    Did you Voltaire include the thin strap?
    I've seen some new ones with a thinner strap, or maybe I'm wrong.