Considering the Illovo PM

  1. I am again considering the Illovo PM and would like to know if it is practical. How much can I fit into it? I also would like to know it if is much bigger than the trousse make-up, as it is considerably more expensive. Can anyone help? :smile:
  2. Oh I loooove mine!! :heart:

    Illovo PM was just the right size for me... not too long, not too big.

    I can fit my fat wallet (5"x4"), my cellphone, digi camera, BF's PSP & asthma inhaler & a little bit room left over.. I don't have pix of her stuffed yet, but she actually fits quite a bit!

    Here's another link that helped convince me that Illovo PM was the one for me --->

    Go try her on at the boutique... then you'll know for sure!
  3. It is such a fantastic bag! Although I don't have one, I drooled over one for ages. Instead, I decided upon a handheld damier (ribera mini). But for a shoulder bag, the Illovo PM has an awesome shape. Good luck!
  4. This bag was bigger than I thought when I saw it in person. On me, however, I felt like both the PM and MM stuck out the side of me too much. I would consider it again though, as I love big bags.
  5. I own this bag, and I adore it! You can't fit tons of stuff in it (obviously) but you can easily stick in your cell phone, wallet, and a small cosmetic bag. The shape holds itself up well, too. It doesn't become mishapen very easily! This is such a great bag, you'll love it!
  6. It is such a cute bag, and I almost bought just wasn't big enough for me (I have 3 small kids who come with their own stuff). If you don't have a ton to carry, it really is a cute bag to have!
  7. Love it still!
    The PM is much bigger than the trousse, I have both & can put the trousse, phone ,tissues & a CZ wallet in the PM. Like Junkenpo said, try one on if you can. It's a great bag :smile:
  8. i've tried it in the store and it was the perfect size for me. It is definitely not a big bag, but just eyeing its capacity I'm sure I can fit my cell phone, wallet, sunglasses case, and small cosmetics case in there no problem. And that is basically what I carry on most regular days. I think the MM may be a tad awkward...but I haven't seen it IRL yet. I'm definitely considering getting it!
  9. Looks small but able to fill lots stuffs :nuts:
  10. Thank you all! The thing is, I am looking for something smaller than my Speedy and Noe, but bigger than the pochette accessoires. This might seem the right bag for me and it would be my first Damier! Maybe I can take a look at it at the shop tomorrow....I just think it's quite expensive (but which LV bag isn't) :biggrin:
  11. Glad you've made decision :flowers: don't forget to post us the pics :smile:
  12. It is definitely smaller than your Speedy and Noe, and bigger than your pochette.
    The price is...uhhh $570 US or $615 CAD, which isn't a bad price for an LV, I think!
  13. well yes, it belongs to LV's "cheaper" bags...but still much money for me, especially when I don't really NEED it - my bf will probably kill me! :biggrin:
  14. I just got my illovo pm for the exact same reasons! I have the pochette and speedy 30 as well. The illovo is big enough to hold all your essentials (unlike the pochette which just holds wallet, cell and keys) while small enough for an evening out. You will adore it! Get it! :yes:
  15. Yup, for me as well since I'm a full-time University student. In general if my parents found out how much these bag cost, they would kill me too!