considering selling my balenciaga

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  1. so i've got a serious question. i'm sure a lot of you remember, i bought a pewter balenciaga on ebay not long ago, and LOVED it.

    now...i'm not so sure. it's a beautiful bag, no doubt about it, but i think maybe the money could be put to better bag use. it doesn't go out a whole lot :-/. there are a lot of things that i'm eyeing now that i think are more my style and would get more use...

    so what do you guys think? it's sitting in the closet in the dustbag at the moment. haven't taken it out in a few weeks. i should move on if i don't adore it, right?
  2. Huh? :blink: Noooooooo... Maybe because the cold weather and you're just not feeling up to taking your bag out for a ride? Why don't you sleep on it a few days because once you sell it, it'll be GONE and you might regret it especially when Balenciaga will not be making the same color again. Btw, what bags are on your mind now?
  3. :amazed: what? are you serious? what?

    i'd so buy off you if i had the money!!!!! :love:

    ok, i'll be reasonable here.... ok... if you haven't used it and if you are really seriously thinking about using the money to get a new bag that you will get used more then go a head (my heart breaks) because i do believe that you should use your bags whenever you can and not let them sit around.... (I've learnt that from all you girls, so thanks :amuse: )

    what are you planning to get next????? :amuse:
  4. heh, it might be easier to ask what bags aren't on my mind...

    the things i'm really wanting are the MJ bag i posted a thread about earlier, my first chanel, a white spy or spy hobo, and the LV Babylone for school (plus some other LV stuff - after my speedy and my agenda, i'm addicted), none of which can i afford right now. i'm just frustrated that there are so many things out there that i think i'll love and use so much and then my balenciaga just kinda sits in its dustbag...

    i'll definately think for a while before i do anything, but this has been in the back of my mind for a bit now.
  5. amanda if your balenciaga is just sitting in the dustbag, then SELL it!!!!
    You have listed a lot of other bags that you feel you would get better use out of, so sell and re-invest!
    This is just my humble opionion
    I think that you would perfer a bag that you love and USE then one you just love.
  6. i dunno.... that balenciaga pewter, if it's the same one i have, that leather is sooooo soft. doesn't compare to the new bags with the new leather they use. plus urs is a limited edition bag. you might kick yourself in the arse if you sell it. and regret later. wait till spring/summer. u will use it much more. i wear it with anything. don't care if it matches. it's such a hot bag!!!

  7. SELL! SELL!:nuts:

    how much you asking? ;)
  8. if i do decide to sell, my BIN would probably be 900
  9. sold! i'd buy it! ok, maybe not right away but yeah i'd SO buy it!
  10. Didn't you just get that bag, seems so soon to sell!
  11. I think you should think about it for a bit longer, you might regret it later and it may be hard to find at the same price that you sold it at. It's such a gorgeous bag, maybe it'll also be a little different during summer when you're not in school and can show that bag a good time ?
  12. this is true, amanda sit on it for awhile (not the balenciaga bag) but have sometime to think about it... its nearly the weekend, think about it over the weekend or something! :smile:
  13. Agreed! I remember looking at the auction when you posted that you had won the bag. You got a great deal! It's a nice color, not too much of a flashy metallic. I think it's a great going out bag.
  14. I'd hold onto it a bit longer before deciding to get rid of it. We bag ladies go hot and cold with our bags. You may just fall in love with it all over again real soon .... like the girls' said .... in the summer! If by then "the flower lost its bloom" you can sell it. It will still be desirable to others then! That's my two cents...
  15. Amanda, could you post pics of your grey b bag again? I would love to see it again and admire it. And maybe..maybe by posting your pics again here and when you read other members moaning and wanting the bag you will change your mind..he he.. :nuts: and I bet there are many of us who wanted your bag if you decide to sell.:love:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.