Considering purchasing an LV...which one, & worth it?

  1. Hi =)

    I'm thinking of purchasing an LV speedy as a treat to myself for my birthday - I'm a teenager, and I've been working for a while and have acquired quite a nice pile of cash waiting to be spent. That said, the money spent on this bag would not be blowing all of my savings :yes:

    Anyways, back to the actual LVs - do you like the Mono or Damier better on Speedy's? And 25 or 30? Do you think that the Damier is too "old" for a teen? I've heard others refer to it as old-lady-ish on other boards.

  2. Happy almost birthday! I prefer the monogram - but make sure that you get what you like better. Who cares what others are saying, just as long as you're happy with what you have. I'd also get the 30 - but I put waayyy too much stuff in my bags:smile:
  3. Welcome to the board and happy (anticipated) birthday! I think everyone will recommend a mono speedy 30...but I like the damier speedy 30 better (less common and easier to manage). But you should def. choose what you like!
  4. Happy birthday...

    I don't find damier is for oldies it's discreet and classy .Get 30 it's so much roomier. I have both in mono and them both equally...
  5. I like the mono best in speedy because it's such a classic. I love the damier, too, though - just depends on what you like better. I would think 25 for a teen, but it depends on how much you carry in your bag. What size bags do you prefer? I have a mono 30 and an epi 25. I love both, but the size of the 30 fits me better because I carry a lot of stuff! The 25 tends to sag less, though, and it's still a good size bag.

    Happy Birthday to you!
  6. Happy Bday!, I am a teen ,and I own a monogram & Damier speedy. I love them both equally. It just depends which one you like more =D.
  7. I like the Damier Speedy more than the Mono ones. I would say Damier Speedy 30.
  8. go for the 30 gurl, it's a great size hum hum :yes:
  9. I would suggest a mono speedy 25 for a teen. That's the first bag I plan on giving my daughter when the time comes:tender:
  10. I would go with the 30. I like mono better but it is really what you rather have. You must be happy with it.
  11. I would go for the Mono Speedy 30 for you. :smile: But personally I love the Damier Speedy 30 much more... depends on which one you like best! ;) Happy birthday btw!
  12. Happy birthday! I love the mono speedy. If you carry alot, I'd say the 30 would work best.
  13. Go buy the speedy - that's just fantastic!
    have fun shopping!
  14. I think the damier would be perfect, this is coming from a teenager also!! haha, how old are you? I say you deserve the speedy if you have accumulated that amount of money for it!! well done!
  15. welcome and happy birthady! For your first, hard to beat mono speedy.