Considering NuvaRing

  1. Hello everyone. I've been on BC pills for almost 6 years. Lately, I've been getting tired of taking the pill. I'm seriously considering changing to the NuvaRing when I get my next yearly exam. I have a couple of concerns;First, I'm not that comfortable with putting my fingers in that area and second, how are the side effects?

    When I first started the pill I noticed I'd get sick to my stomach often and I was also very moody. I never knew I could experience with other brands so I just put up with it.

    How's the nuva ring? Does it work just as well as the pill?

    I don't always have time to take the pill at the exact time I need to, so I tend to get paranoid.
  2. I used the pills then the patch then the nuvaring...
    of the three the nuvaring was the only one that didn't give me too much side effects...
    and the effectivity is just the same as the pills.

    The pill and the patch gave me terrible migranes!

    your doctor can give you a sample pocket before you buy them,
    so you could see for yourself if its for you...

  3. Hi MacGurl,

    I used the NuvoRing for about 1 year and I loved it! No breakthrough bleeding like I seem to have no matter what BC pill I use, and no bad PMSing either (bloating, another fav of mine :tdown:) Then one time I went to take it out and I couldn't latch on and I started to panic and kept pushing it further and further in. I eventually calmed down and got it out, but I was so freaked out by the incident that I didn't renew my prescription and went back on the pill.

    Ever since then, every time I complain about the pill, I wonder why I don't go back to NuvoRing. I really should...
  4. I used it for a while and loved it.
  5. I use it and I love it. It's very convenient and easy to remember. It's my favorite, by far, and I've been on tons! But everyone is different so we can't really tell you how it will be for you.

    It won't hurt to try it! Especially if you're having problems remembering pills.
  6. How does the nuvaring work btw? I have been interested for a while as well and am on teh pill right now.. however got off from it only because it was such a hassle to go to my clinic bc of the difficult parking situation.

    Is it literally just a ring that you insert?? I am not s ure I completely understand where it stays in your body. Thanks!
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I'm not necessarily forgetting to take it. It's just become an inconvenience now. I think I may give the nuva ring a try.
  8. The NuvaRing is a small plastic ring that you insert vaginally, and your body heat causes the ring to "dispense" the hormones. Much like the Pill, the body absorbs the hormones.

    However, the NuvaRing is supposed to be more effective (when used correctly of course) than the Pill because there is nothing to prevent your body from absorbing the hormones. Plus, the Ring doesn't have to be in a certain spot in order to work effectively.

    It's a really great method for people who are horrible about taking a pill, or who think that Depo sounds very scary (trust me, it really isn't!).

    You put it in for three weeks straight and take it out for one...OR you can leave it in for FOUR weeks and take it out for one. There is enough hormones in the pill to last the four weeks. You can also "stack" rings, and avoid a period altogether...although I think the longest you can go without actually having a period is about three months (three rings = 12 weeks)....apparently after this time, the breakthrough bleeding will tend to start.

    I actually think that I recommend leaving the ring in for the full four weeks and taking it out for one, A) because you HAVE to leave it in for a FULL 21 days in order to have protection during the 7 day off period and B) it doesn't do your body any harm to leave it in a little bit longer.

    The Ring is a really good option for people and it's very low dose estrogen, which makes it easier for people to cope with....I know some of the higher dose pills cause people to have bad mood swings, etc.

    However, as for me personally, the Ring wasn't for me...and I did have some side effects from it (I can't be on an estrogen form of BC) so therefore, I'm not going to be one of the horror-nay-sayers. However, the Ring really is a good choice, and, honestly, I would definitely recommend it over the pill.
  9. I used NuvaRing briefly.

    It was very easy to get in and out, plus totally wonderful not to take a pill every day!!

    But the hormones didn't work well with my body so I switched to Yaz.

    Plus--- hope this isn't TMI -- DH said he could feel it when we were having sex :shame:
  10. One of my coworkers was telling me about NuvaRing. I've heard all about it before, but she was just raving on and on about how great it is.

    If I were to go on BC, I'd definitely pick that.
  11. hmwe46,

    Your hubby felt it? Hmm.. I was wondering if I were to get NuvaRing, my man would feel it i dont know how he would react to it..

    But I saw this commercial briefly about some kind of little plastic thing that looks like a wishbone almost but I have completely no clue what it is...
  12. Hmm....when I was using it, my boyfriend never complained about being able to feel it.

    Sometimes (TMI ALERT!) if we were at an awkward angle, he could....well....spear it...

    (No more TMI after this point...)

    But other than that, it was fine.

    The wishbone thing, might have been Mirena...and that's an IUD.
  13. With the Nuvaring, you can take it out for up to three hours and still be protected - so unless you are having a marathon bed session, you can avoid the awkwardness if your DH doesn't want to feel it...

    The pill used to be make me nauseous, the patch left rashes and spots on my body, Depo made me bleed for months....this is the best BC out there, imo!
  14. Sometimes I had to remove it during sex since it would hit my cervix during sex and cause pain. I took this birth control when it first came out four years ago and it was fine for me. Now, however, at 35 my body is responding very differently.
    This might be helpful Nuvaring Side Effects
  15. a co-workers of mine fell pregant while using the Nuvaring...