considering my first LV!

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  1. Hello! I'd like to buy a new agenda; I'm off to a slow start this year! I usually buy a Smythson but I feel like a change & have been looking at Louis Vuitton.

    I'll be buying from Eluxury so I won't be able to really look at one first. I'd like the small size, which I believe is the PM, is that right?

    What do you think I should do for my first piece, classic monogram?? The Trunks & Bags version is cute too.

    I'd like it to last a couple of years; I'll be keeping my cards in it too so handling it quite a bit, will it hold up well?

  2. i have a medium red epi and looks awesome..:tup:

  3. Let's move this to the main forum for some more advice.

    Was there any line in materials that you prefer ?
  4. I have the medium vernis in amarante and its gorgeous. Fits great in my bags, love it-except amarante is notorious for fingerprints (which wipe away easily-its just annoying) Heres a pic, with some other accessories. Have fun choosing-you're starting with an agenda, then you'll want a bag, wallet, another bag...
  5. vernis agenda!
  6. Get the new violette vernis is TDF !!!
  7. I like the damier or monogram. Trunks and bags is cute too! If it is going to take a lot of abuse I would be too worried about scratching a pretty vernis agenda! I think the small size happens to be too small.. I don't know how anyone writes in it. I have the medium size damier and I love it. Enjoy whatever you choose!!
  8. Vernis, Suhali and Multicolore will be great.
  9. I have the mono koala wallet with the pink interior which I love. One of my daughters has the plain mono PM and the other has the mono koala with the Mandarin interior. I think the Damier koala with the red interior is really nice too. Any of the mono or damier agendas will hold up for many many years and will still look brand new. While I love the vernis as well, I don't think three, four years down the road they will look quite as beautiful and I would be a little worried about color transfer from other things in your bag. I think LV agendas are just wonderful though and I personally love the PM size. If you get the day on a page there is plenty of room since it's an entire page for each day. I also like the PM size because it isn't as heavy and it fits in every bag.

    Good luck choosing - let us know what you pick!
  10. i have the amarante small agenda - i haven't babied it, and no scratches yet! the small agenda has a few slots and a pocket on the side for storage as well, and fits well inside my purses. good luck!