Considering my first exotic and need advice please

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    I am considering an exotic wallet but I’m concerned how it will wear over time. Any experience you could share would be appreciated. Pictures are always welcome.
    These are my two front runners so far. I love the LV emerald green color more but it is double the price. The BV is a lovely color and a great price. BV also has a nice red.
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  3. I have the BV zip around wallet in black shiny croc and a BV black matte croc compact wallet. Both have held up well. Truthfully neither gets a lot of use. I think the price point on my zip around wallet was higher than the one you posted.
    I also have an LV ostrich zippy coin purse and that has been used and abused and is fine. My LV croc card case rarely gets used; there has been some fading. It still looks lovely but under the flap the red is darker- it is the original color.
    Hope this helps- let me know if you have other questions or want some pictures.
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  4. That green Zippy is to die for, literally! I personally don’t own anything in croc, but I do remember my mom having a non-designer croc wallet in the past and it being all beaten up from the contents inside her bag, including keys, of course, and the occasional rubbing against the bag’s zipper while getting it in our out. Needless to say she’s never been the most delicate lady in the world, but you definitely have to be careful with this skin, even if you don’t mind scratches. And water is a no-no, as it is well known.

    Now, I think that for the price point and material, why not go for a Knot in croc? The price isn’t crazy considering the skin, the brand and the timelessness and it would show much more than a wallet, which is practically hidden all the time. Or if you are open to different exotics, why not ostrich, which is a workhorse, or ayers, which is way sturdier than python? And Bottega does true works of art with both— just not so long ago, my local store had three Cabats in intrecciato ayers and matching wallets and the prices were of course lower than croc. I can ask my SA for an SKU in case you are interested and they still have them.

    Finally, if you are open to different brands, why not taking a look at Nancy González or her now dead son, Santiago? Nancy is focused on women’s accessories and Santiago on men’s, but still has great unisex pieces. Both work with caiman, but they take the bones out of the skin in the most delicate way, so the results are marvelous (just take a look at the colors and the designs) and the prices are very, very reasonable. They could be a good exotic starter piece to test the waters.
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  5. Thanks for your response. Pictures would be awesome if it’s not too much trouble.
  6. Thanks for your detailed response. I’m not a fan of ostrich or python just croc and I’m looking for an outstanding color like this green. I will definitely check out your suggestions! I appreciate it!
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  7. I have the BV wallet in croc and love much so that I don't use it very often for fear of ruining it. Pathetic, I know. That said, I bought my husband a croc wallet 4 years ago which he uses everyday and does not baby it in the slightest. It has seen rain, sun, snow, you name it and it still looks good in my opinion. Here are a couple of photos to see the wear (I think it does better than standard leather wallets). IMG_2973.JPG IMG_2974.JPG
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  8. Thank you! I think this looks great. Good to see a well used wallet still looking good.
  9. I will post some pictures later today.
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  10. @ODEDIHAIMS, as far as wear, I think you could rank the top 3 reptiles as: Alligator best, Croc, quite nearly as good, and Caiman, wears a little more. But all 3 wear well. Luckily the high quality farms, keep those scrapping fellows apart so the skins don't have scratches, tooth marks and blemishes, which could cause a wear spot to form. As with any wallet, you will get some edge wear after time, which just gives it character. Congratulations, cannot wait to see what you choose.
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