considering magenta special edition, but have questions

  1. hey everyone!

    if I recall correctly, the limited-to-200 pieces special edition magenta bag is in the city style, right?

    okay, if that's correct, then next question: is the city a structured bag? in some pictures, it looks lovely and square; in others, it looks completely lumpy. rigid is more my style. perhaps the overall shape depends on how much you put in it? any thoughts from city owners?

    final question: I'm assuming the giant hardware version will have the short zipper pull-tabs, while the regular hardware version will have the normal long motorcycle tassels?

    sorry for all the questions, I hope someone can help!

    I'll likely call Bal NY tomorrow morning to inquire about the bag. if you ladies (and gents?) can help, I would be oh so grateful - I like to sound as informed as possible when I'm communicating with Sales Associates.

    thanks again!

    : )