Considering LV luggage. questions

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  1. Hi Ladies, I was thinking about the largest size keepall was wondering is it too big to fit requirements for carry-on? Those of you that have it, did you get the one with the strap or without?

    And do you like it? Is the mini suitcase better?
  2. I have the smallest and largest keepalls (the largest one with a strap), as well as the Eole. I traveled with the largest keepall before the Eole came out. Once it did, I bought it immediately! I usually pack so much to carryon with me on the plane that the Eole with wheels was so much more convenient for me. Before, with the keepall, it was loaded with stuff and super heavy to carry. There wass never an issue with it being a carry on (that is, i am pretty sure that it does fit the requirements). I haven't used my keepall in years, but use the Eole all the time! It fits the dimensions for a carryon for a large aircraft. I have only had to check it on if I was flying on a super small airplane (like a puddle jumper, from one Carribbean island to another). I love the Eole and it comes with me on all my travels! Hope this helps, and good luck!
  3. When I bought mine a few years ago in Vegas I was told the largest is above the carryon limit. But the difference in sizes is not significant so you may get away with it especially if it's not completely full. I got a smaller one anyway because the 2 largest ones were huge on me.
  4. Okay I'm like keepall obsessed and have them all in various sizes and patterns. The 60 is the largest and does fit on the big planes as far as I'm aware, although I think it depends on plane sizes and cabin space in each class, etc. I'd go for the keepall over a small suitcase, but saying that...a small suitcase is a lot easier, but I'm not sure whether that can go in the cabin?
  5. I am just so worried about the size. Checking it in would be a bad idea right?
  6. What size did you get? Were you able to fit the necessities for a weekend?
  7. Very very very bad idea!
  8. What size do you think is a safe bet for being fine for carry-on? I wouldn't want a nasty surprise where I'm forced to check it and the bag is ruined.
  9. I have the 55 Pegase (rolling piece) and it fits in the cabin if it is a plane that is bigger than 4 seats across, aka an express plane. It comes with a protector sleeve for the whole bag which is great, but I still haven't had to use that yet. Hope that helps!
  10. Each airline has different restrictions. I think most airlines restrict at anything past 45 cubic inches (add the dimensions of your bag). I'm sure it also depends a lot on how full the flight is. I bought myself a 45 keepall (36.2 cubic inches) so that my chances of never having to check it in will be high
  11. A very bad idea imo. I'd be so worried about someone stealing it or the bag getting super dirty. I have a beautiful Aquascutum bag that got checked in on one of my trips. I hoped it would be OK for the cabin but they said no. It came out of the plane dirty and stained. Awful! Will never take it on the plane again.

    Perhaps a smaller size that will definitely fit with requirements would be better.
  12. Which Eole did you get? I am having a hard time deciding between the Monogram and the Damier! I feel the Damier provides that little extra space due to the shape and concerned that Monogram might be too small.
    What makes it harder is that my travel tote is the Neverfull GM Monogram Rayures. Any thoughts?
  13. Sorry to steal the thread a little, but I'm just wondering, was the Eole and your things ok when you got it back from checking it in? I'm thinking of getting the Eole but am a bit afraid that if I will have to check it in someday the bag/stuff inside will be damaged!

    TIA :smile:
  14. Both are such lovely choices,, I know! I chose the monogram because they had not yet made it in damier. Additionally, all my other luggage (small suitcase and large suitcase with wheels) are also monogram. I went with monogram because it is classic LV. I haven't had the chance to inspect the difference between the monogram and damier Eole, so I didn't know about the extra bit of space in the damier. I just love love love it, and either way you go, you will NOT be disappointed! It is such a great carry on piece and hold so much, and fits in the overhead compartments! Your monogram rayures is dreamy! I am not familiar with that line. Is it new? It is stunning! So, if this is your travel tote, then perhaps monogram is the way to go. Check it out again and ask the SA's opinion as well. Sorry if this isn't much help with deciding which way to go -- all I can say is is that you need that Eole! Now go and get it!:smile:
  15. No, I have never had a problem with that! I have put everything in there from iPads to magazines, and nothing has been damaged. I have even carried some more fragile items in it, although they have been wrapped very well. I haven't worried about things breaking (if I have had to check it), only getting something stolen. That, luckily, has never happened. Although, if they do ask you to check it, then I take anything that out that is valuable or fragile and put it in my purse or the overhead compartment. I travel with a huge purse as well, so that always comes with me on the plane. Hope this helps!