Considering letting go of my 05 choc & whiskey paddys. Convince me otherwise.

  1. I'm torn whether to eBay off the medium 05 chocolate paddy from Neiman's, and my small 05 Whiskey paddy from Luisa Via Roma. I was on crazy waitlists for these, and bought them because they were the "It" bags at the time. However, I've only used them less than 5 times tops because the locks make these bags weigh a ton. The only reason I still have them, is that I know the 2005 leather is so much more awesome than the paddys they have out now.

    Are they worth keeping if I never use them?
  2. Maybe not. You could use the money to buy a bag you will love using.
  3. :nogood: I think you may regret selling both. They're still "it" bags, and I feel, they will ALWAYS be in style. Paddingtons are WAY cute and WAY cuter than most other so-called "it" bags. Ya, they're heavy, but that's the price for the beauty. Think of it as a workout without going to the gym :smile:

    If you must sell, try selling one bag first and see how you feel about it.

    Out of curiosity, what bag would you want instead?
  4. Major mistake to sell those collectible paddys...what bag do you like better? :girlsigh:I haven't seen anything with the leather and detail like the '05' better think about this before you do anything. :graucho: Is it really THAT heavy? I wear the large zippy paddys and the huge US SHOPPERS (not the "shopper tote", these are like a giant medium paddy) from '06, and I don't think those are too heavy...get those muscles goin' girl! :tup:
  5. Nope sell them. It's a crime to have money tied up in bags that you will not use and do not love, especially if there's people out there who will really appreciate them.

    I bought an Isabella Fiore for almost 900 dollars 2 years ago, IF's hey day I call it. SHE WAS THE IT BAG GIRL in 2005. Granted my bag was a special edition with some pretty fabulous bells and whistles. When I got the bag I loved everything about her except the size, just a tad too big for me. But I convinced myself that I was in lust and wore her for a season.

    Today you can't give IF's away (don't believe me, check out eBay). My niece loves the purse so she gets to have it. She's thrilled and I am blessed that she's so happy.

    Here's where you're lucky. Chloe is iconic and not a flash in the pan like IF. 2005 Chloe's rock and you can get a decent ROI. Do it and buy the purse that will make your heart skip a beat. Trust me, we all make mistakes when it comes to these types of emotional purchases.:love:
  6. keep at least one of them! They don't make em like that anymore!
  7. I know it kind of goes against everything "Paddy", but maybe try taking off the lock. At least give it a shot before you sell them off. And if you still feel like your just not going to use them, sell one. Then wait a while and see if you regret it. If you do, keep the other one, and if you dont, sell. Just some ideas. Good luck with your decision!
  8. That is a tough decision and I can identify.

    I own two Paddys, an '05 Chocolate Paddy Satchel and an '05 Tan Paddy Hobo. I looked at both and decided to sell only one, the Hobo, because I did not gravitate to it when chosing a bag for the day.

    I do not suggest selling both right off the bat. I am surprised at how you can fall back in love with a bag if you put it away for awhile. Try this first, let it rest for a month or so, then see what you think.

    If if you are not in love then it is time to part.
  9. Maybe keep one and sell one?
    I think you will regret selling them both.

    The whole 'it' bag thing doesn't bother me, personally I think if you love a bag it's always an 'it' bag to And I think the paddy has surpassed 'it' status and is a classic now.

    Although I know what you mean about the heavy factor! That lock is a killer!...ha.
  10. Keep one, sell the other.

  11. i concur chloestar!:yes:
  12. I agree with Susieserb... There's no point in keeping a bag if you don't love it just because it is supposed to be nice or it's considered to be a fantastic item.
    It'd be sensible, as well, to sell "one at a time"...
    If you sell one of your bags 1) Someone else will be thrilled to buy her + 2) you will be able to get what really makes you happy = 2 very happy purse addicts...
  13. I agree with the 'sell one at a time' philosophy. I was a 'nut' for the Marc Jacobs Venetia, but did a bit of an overdose on that bag (4 at one time), so I sold off one at a time, and didn't miss it at all. I now only have the ones (2) I truly love, and possibly one of those may go soon. I found that with the extra money I was able to purchase a bag that I would currently carry. If I'm not using it, it's wasted money no matter how 'popular' the bag is.
  14. Hi there - from a differed perspective - I just bought my first paddington off eBay & it arrived this week. A red '05 and I am in love. I got a really good deal $405 (and it's genuine). Which makes me think the seller had lost her mind!

    I am only new to collecting chloes but my favorites by far are the silverado & paddington. The newer ones in my opinion don't have that magnatism attraction.

    If you do decide to sell - you will be making someone very happy. But be wary of regretting it - as they are so drop dead gorgeous. The newer stuff may continue to never compare... and there's nothing like hindsight to make you kick yourself...
  15. I think I need to take this advice.

    I have an Tobacco Paddington from NAP and an Rouge Paddington from AR that are not being used at all.

    To the OP, I think keep at least one. In 6 months if you still haven't used the one you kept, sell it!