Considering Laser Hair Removal....

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm thinking about getting laser hair removal on my arms.
    I've tried waxing them as well as using a depilitator.
    The hair grew back in weird directions, not to mention major ingrown hairs despite my best attempts at exfoliation. UGH.
    Bleaching is just a temporary solution as it's not just the fact that my arm hair is dark, but it grows quite long quite fast. I'm pretty fair, but my hair is very dark, so I think I'll be a good candidate. My consultation is next week, so we'll see.
    Has anyone else had laser hair removal, especially on their arms?
    What were your results? How many sessions did it take?
    Stories of your experiences are welcome!
  2. I have had it done. It is fabulous! Just be VERY cautious who you go to. Laser does work best on light skin dark haired women. If you can handle waxing then laser really should be a breeze. It didnt hurt really. I Have to tell you though, while it did work temp. It did NOT permenantly make the hair go away or even lesson in growth. Again, this is different with each individual. I personally wouldnt do my arms anymore but I do have it done on my face.
  3. I'm going in for my fifth treatment for my underarms and legs. So far, my legs have had faster results, but I waxed them for years prior to starting the laser hair removal, so this is normal. I love the results of the treatments because you can shave inbetween and when the hairs fall out (about 3 weeks after treatment), you are smooth for several weeks afterward. I go about 8 - 10 weeks inbetween sessions. It can be sort of pricey, but you get what you pay for because not all lasers are created equally (meaning some give better, longer lasting results than others). The other thing to know is you are supposed to stay out of the sun between treatments because it works best on fair skin and if you are planning to get pregnant, I'd wait to do your laser hair treatment until afterward because hormonal changes can cause re-growth. Good luck!
  4. good topic
    I also might be getting laser soon...
    I was wondering about the trying to be pregnant thing because I really want to get laser on my face but I dont want to waste my money if the hormones will affect it
  5. I had 8 IPL sessions and it's gone.
    it's great!
  6. wait, is laser removal supposed to be permanent?
  7. I am having it done aswell however they told me it would be 4-8 treatments, I am now on treatment 10 and although the hair has lessened/grows in slower the hair isnt gone yet, I am still going in for my treatments and I dont see a light at the end of the tunnel :shrugs:
  8. I love smooth arms! Since my arm hair grows much more slowly than on my legs, I use Nair on my arms about once a week (or less), but I shave my legs.
  9. I didn't do my arms but I have done it and I LOVE it. I can't believe I didn't have it done sooner. I have only had 2 sessions and I can see a difference. I have to go every 5 weeks though as the hair grows back (it is finer and lighter in color but still there). I was told I would need 7 sessions. If the results are this good after 2, I am really excited for the results when I am done!
  10. I did on underarm areas a few times already. I loved it. I plan to do it another time. I now have it only once a year since the new hair has been dramatically decreasing. My skin (underarms) looks better too since there was not any disturbant from plugging.
  11. I did underarms I think about 12 sessons, regrowth was really slow in between it was great but I had to stop treatments for a while, when the hair grows in now it's not that much different there are some bald patches amongst it so it has worked but I'll need more treatments to get the real benefit, I have very dark thick hair with quick regrowth total PITA
  12. I considered laser but I really don't mind shaving and waxing my legs. For my arms I just use an epilator about twice a month and the hair doesn't grow back weird.
  13. I've had it done before. My #1 piece of advice to you though:

    Go to a dermatologist or another reputable place that has a laser. DON'T GO TO A CHAIN. The place where I get mine done had me booked for a facial by accident, and I really needed it because I was leaving for Germany the next day. They referred me next door to a large chain (American Laser Specialists or something like that). Whenever i had had treatments before, they were always great with comfortable rooms and a nice towel to cover yourself and soothing spa music. This other place was quite the opposite! Very sterile looking. And during the middle of my treatment another of the girls came in and started chatting with the laser person about how they are so overworked and not getting paid enough! Very awkward indeed!

    Otherwise it's great, you'll love it :smile:
  14. I second what agreenst has said: go somewhere reputable, like a proper clinic. They may be a little more expensive, but it will definitely be worth it.
    I have had laser on my forearms as well as other places. I LOVE it!! I also wish I had done it sooner. It does depend on each individual what results you get, and i also depends on the laser machine that is used.
  15. I had my legs done this past year, and absolutely loved it. Although I am curious to hear from girls that had it done several years ago, to see how their results are holding up.