Considering Large Veneta: Black or Red?

  1. Hey, ladies! I'm considering my first BV purchase. I'm not a big high-end bag person (I generally carry something by Longchamp, Bally, or Monsac, but a BV would be WAY more expensive than any other bag I own). I saw the BV large Veneta last night, though, and absolutely fell in love. It would be a huge splurge, but it truly seems like the kind of bag you carry forever and wear with almost anything.

    If I decide to go for it, would you recommend black or red? I have sort of a thing for red handbags, but maybe black would be more practical. Help!
  2. Hi SoCo, welcome to tPF and the BV board. If you like the red and have tons of great attitude to carry along, go for it! The Carmine (red) this season is a fab red (note, it is a seasonal colour which means its limited). Nero (black), on the hand is a classic colour (available whole year round), and whilst much more under the radar, it is classy and elegant. So I guess it depends which would you prefer, and more you? Fun with an attitude (red) or understated and classy (black). Generally black would be the universal one and would go with most colours. But red does add a pop of colour that is truly striking. Good luck! ;)
  3. SoCo, welcome to the forum and to BV!! You have picked a great bag in the veneta. I think ms piggy pretty much summed it up. It all depends on your style. I personally would pick the red but that is because I normally wear blacks and neutrals, so a black bag on me would just be boring. However, if this was to be my only high end leather bag, I would be tempted to go for the black for practical reasons. The carmino color is not a garish red, and some here would consider it a practical everyday color. Whichever you choose will be lovely, and will be worth the investment.
  4. have you seen both colours in real? they are so beautiful.
    however, the black is the classic colour, so i'd go with the black one.
  5. I am relatively conservative in style. I saw the red in a medium veneta and just loved it. I never thought I would like a red bag, but this red in this classic style is lovely and elegant. If I wore primarily black, or black and white, or greys or beiges for example, I would seroiusly consider it, even with my conservative leanings. However, I prefer browns and teal, purples and mauves and colors with a blue undertone. Given these color preferences., the combo is edgier and requires more 'attitude' (to coin ms. piggy's apt term).

    In addition, if this is your one and only high end bag purchase, I would also lean to the black. But I've got to tell you, as a newbie to BV, you can't buy just one!!!! Take it from me, once you have experienced the quality of the BV, you WILL want another. Good luck.
  6. SoCo, in addition to my diatribe on your veneta color dilema, may I also add that I would prefer a pop of color in a smaller bag.... the medium veneta perhaps? MyIndulgence recently posted her lovely Iron bag in red, purchased in Venice. This is also a small bag, probably considerably smaller than the medium veneta. For a conservative dresser like me, the small pop of color is preferred.

    Lots for you to consider. You can't make a mistake with BV.
  7. Love love love my large red carmino veneta, it is such a stunning eyecatcher of a bag, but then again I wear alot of neutral colours and jeans so it works with my wardrobe. I think it depends on your wardrobe, sometimes a bag looks stunning but you can never wear it with anything in which case you can never go wrong with a classic black bag.
  8. I agree. The medium veneta just doesn't have the pop or drama of the large. And the large is hardly that big! I just got it in sage, and I love it!
  9. Welcome to tPF and the BV sub, SoCo!

    Between your choices, I would go with the Carmino Large Veneta, because of the following reasons:

    1) It is one of the best reds from BV to date IMO
    2) A limited colour for Fall/ Winter 2007
    3) It's simply stunning
    4) Even though it might not be as classic a colour as Nero, it will still go great with neutrals as a pop of colour
    5) I'm sure you already have a great go to black bag, so the Nero Veneta will always be available to you once you decide on your 2nd BV!

  10. I would go with carmino (red) but the nero is divine too! The carmino this season is just amazing: a perfect red :drool:
  11. Hi SoCo

    Welcome! I have the carmino and the nero and love them both. If you already have a black bag then definately go with the red as the colour is gorgeous and looks great on. If you want a black bag that will last year after year then go for the black veneta. I have a few of the Veneta bags in different colours and I use the black and tan the most.

    If you are anything like anyone else here then you should buy the red veneta because once you start with BV you can't go back and you'll be sad that you didn't snap up the seasonal red.

    It's addictive!

  12. Nero, Nero, Nero ;)
  13. what did you decide on getting?
  14. i'd definitely vote for black. i do have way too many black handbags though.
  15. Nero gets my vote - especially if it will be your one and only will surely get more use out of it and if it your fisrt "high-end" bag then you will be more at ease carrying it as it will need less babying :heart:

    Let us know what you decide :flowers: