Considering Greige? Here's My Day

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  1. This color is amazing.........if you're at all considering buying a neutral color b bag, Greige is the color to buy...(and the leather is very soft and squishy too!)

  2. Wow! Gorgeous!:nuts:
    Congrats livethelake! The leather looks sooooo smooshy!!:tender:
  3. GOOOOOORGEOUS bag! :yahoo:
    Congrats, livethelake!!!
  4. Thanks Soleil and slinks. This color is amazing...I'm a magenta girl thru and thru but this bag takes my breath away :love:
  5. I LOVE:heart: LOVE:heart: LOVE it!!!!!!! Such a pretty color and yummy leather too! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  6. Whow I love it,:heart: I've been thinking about a greige day but was wondering if I shouldn't rather get a naturel ?
  7. ^ From what I have read, the natural is more beige and the greige is more gray...I wear a lot of black so greige is perfect. I think if you wear shades in the brown family, the natural might be a better choice. (If this makes any sense )
  8. your bag is gorgeous!!! congrats!

    just to confuse people even more, there is also taupe from s/s '05. i have a taupe day and will try and post a pic for comparison.
  9. the leather on that bag looks amazing!!! Congrats, the color looks great as well
  10. Chigirl - Please post the pics of your taupe day. The one b bag regret I have is that I passed on S/S taupe. I think the reason I love the greige so much is that it's very similar to my favorite taupe...
  11. i recently saw the greige color at Bal was a great neutral!!! looks wonderful..congrats!
  12. I love greige. Congratulations!
  13. Congrats on your smooshy day babg! I saw the color IRL for the first time at Barneys last week and it's beautiful!!!!!
  14. Love it! It looks yummy! :nuts:
  15. I'm pretty sure my sister tried a greige day at Barney's in chicago and it was just gorgeous. yours is no exception..
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