considering getting my first LV...


Apr 24, 2007
hi guys! i am new to the LV section of tpf...but i am really considering getting a speedy 30. i think i prefer the damier azur over the monogram...but i am not sure yet. i am wondering if any of you all would be willing to give me some pros/cons on the speedy 30 and even post pics if you have one!! i would appreciate it soo much!! TIA guys!!


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Aug 1, 2007
Orlando, FL
Aha this post reflects all my thoughts about getting an LV, too!

Personally I'm thinking about getting a 25 though because of the sag on the 30...


Dec 1, 2006
Sunny SD
I have azur, damier and mono speedy but seem to use my Damier 30 the most. The print is more practical IMO and the sag is not too bad. Also the azur seems like a seasonal bag.


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Dec 7, 2006
New York City
Size 30 - why you wont imagine how many things you would start bringing around with you..Im 5"2 and I only buy 30 size bags

and as for Mono(classic) or Damier(classic) love them both... go to the lv store and look at all the speedy's the first one you fall in love with that is the one you get ..Im a speedy collector so I cant help u on this one


Mar 18, 2007
Sunny Los Angeles
I'm also planning to purchase my first LV as a Thanksgiving/Christmas present to myself.:smile: It's either the mono or the damier speedy 30 for me. BTW, does LV ever have deals on handbags or scarves?



May 7, 2007
i love the speedy 25 in all the prints. I'd go for damier first b/c its more low maintanence that the mono and azur (b/c it has vachetta). I dunno about sag but i put a teen vogue at the bottom of mine (i just got the bag) if you really hate sag you can get a speedy base or better yet make your own for cheaper.

depending on your build the 30 might look a little luggagey (i think i look silly with a 30) so u should try both on at the store.

azur is soooo all year round and i notice ppl have been getting lots of comments on theirs. i wish i could only justify buying both the damier and azur in the same 6 months... let alone the same month!!


Oct 6, 2007
The 25 looked too small for me. I loved that size and a friend of mine looked great with it, but I am taller than her and when I tried on the 25 at the LV store, it just looked too small. The 30 was the perfect size for me.
You should definately try on both sizes before making a decision!
About the sagging: the 25 sags less, but I love the sagging of Speedy, I think it's just part of the bag, part of the whole look.


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Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
I started out with a Damier Azur speedy 30. Carried it a couple of times, then sold it and bought a Damier Azur Speedy 25. Perfect! The 25 holds a ton IMO and doesn't sag. I don't put anything special in it and I think the shape stays fine. I also have the Damier Ebony Speedy 25. I'm not really a Mono girl (only like it on accessories and certain bags) so I tend to lean towards Damier. And I don't agree that Azur is seasonal. Some people think it shouldn't be carried in the winter, but I find that it goes great with winter whites, camels and whatnot which I happen to wear a lot of. :tup:
Oct 3, 2006
LOVE the sag! It's part of the speedy's charm! I agree with John -- mono speedy 30 is a classic first LV -- it was mine and I still love her so much. If you like azur, go for it. IMO, it's a seasonal bag, but that may be exactly what you want! The ebene damier with the red lining is HOT, as well as a classic, too! I would love one in ebene damier -- and may just have to get one soon.