Considering getting an IUD: Need some help from you ladies!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I gave birth 4 months ago and after a long talk with DH, we decided that we don't want another child in the next 1.5 - 2 years. I've heard that the IUD is an effective and good form of relatively long-term birth control. My gyn also recommended this method to me, since we got pregnant while on the pill.

    I've been doing some research on Wikipedia about what it actually is, how it works, etc and have also been reading the brochures that my doctor gave me.

    Do any of you have any experience with an IUD? I'd appreciate any info you can give me! Thanks :heart:
  2. Oh, btw...I'm considering getting a hormonal IUD (ie. Minera)
  3. I have copper, no hormones, have had for abnout 8 years, never any trouble. I do have to say I don't want more kids though, my dr. said not to get it if I wanted more kids, he said it was risky
  4. my cousin's had it for almost three years. Nothing bad, she said she had her period for about a month non stop during the first month on the IUD. Now she barely bleeds during her period. she also said to me it has made her belly bigger (lower abs).
  5. I was also given pamphlets for a copper IUD, but I have heard more about Minera so I don't know much about copper ones.

    As for the belly bloating, you wouldn't notice it on mine...My belly's big anyway, lol
  6. I had a super-safe IUD inserted and it almost killed me. Body rejected it and I wound up in ER.

    Since you and hubby are so clear, have HIM get a reversible vasectomy.

    YOU have been taking all the RX and pregnacy risk so far. It is his turn. I am continually amazed that women take all the risk on birth control.
  7. I had them many years ago, between pregnancies. The only side effect I had was heavy bleeding during my periods. Otherwise, they were great. No worries about taking pills daily etc.
  8. They can be reversible? Had no clue! :wtf:
  9. Lami BE CAREFUL with this IF you want another baby. I had one put in when I was 25 and my body did not tolerate it well at all. I ended up with so much scar tissue in my Fallopian tubes, that when my husband and I tried to conceive, we were unable to. I had laparoscopic surgery to investigate my tubes since everything else is in order, and it revealed so much scarring that most likely no amount of surgery could have guaranteed that an egg could pass through there. I'm 28 y.o. and we had to have IVF --as it's the only reproductive procedure that effectively bypasses the Fallopian Tubes. It worked the first time around without any problems. By the way, before the IUD, I was also able to get pregnant without any problems, so I think it is truly the only variable that changed.

    I normally don't feel stongly enough that my opinion/experience would warrant a cautionary "DON'T DO IT!" on a forum to a complete stranger, but seeing how you're only 22 with a beautiful baby girl and knowing how difficult/expensive/time consuming etc. it was for me to conceive again after the IUD, I'd say steer clear; it's potentially much riskier than it seems.

    (Btw, I followed your preg. journal and birth story and whenever I see updated pics of Julia I marvel at how cute she is!!)
  10. thanks for starting this thread lami this is something I'm interested in too but I have no children and at this point no desire but maybe my opinion will change in the future I'd love to hear teh pro's & con's on mirena
  11. I have the mirena IUD and am considering having it taken out... for a few reasons
    i got it put in last february. I have ha to wear a panty liners everyday as I have some sort of spotting or clots EVERYDAY... also when I have a real period wow does it put me through the motions like 10 times worse that my normal PMS.

    I think I am going to have it taken out around the first of the year and go for something else.
  12. I am also not wanting children at this point and after discussing it with my gyn I am getting a copper IUD (hopefully) at the beginning of October. I just can't do the hormones anymore. I truly believe they were making me sick, emotional, depressed among other things.
  13. My mom got pregnant with my brother when she was on the IUD but then again this was 1983.

    the IUD had to remain in her until she went into labor because removing it would cause a miscarriage.

    what about the pill, shot or patch?
  14. Wow, I was going to post this exact same thread because I was thinking about getting a Mirena IUD also. I talked to my OB about it just two days ago and we decided to put it off for awhile. I know I am not going to be having any more children but I am very cautious about what I do to my body since I tend to react pretty extremely to anything I put into my body. I read up on Mirena on a website and the horror stories totally freaked me out. Anyhow, since you're so young and will prob. want more kids I think you should do as much research as you can on it. Good luck!
  15. I have had a Mirena IUD for almost five years now and I love it. I can't take any bcp's due to migraines. This is the only thing I've been able to tolerate.

    I had it put in when I was about 30, no kids. It hurt like HELL going in and I cramped really bad the first few days. Then I bled nonstop for three months. But boom, then I stopped bleeding and have hardly had a period since and the ones I did have were very light and not much to them.

    So in the beginning it's tough, but I thought it was totally worth it.