Considering Frye? Appreciate your comments

  1. I'm thinking of getting a pair of Frye boots. Specifically I'm looking for a 14"-16" shaft plus 2.5"-3" heel. There are so many I like -- Catherine, Nora, Tina, maybe Carmen. Do any of you have these boots? What do you think? I'm a bit concerned that a pull up boot won't fit over jeans and that a zip may be easier. I would love to hear any comments!!! TIA!
  2. I have two pairs of Frye's both pull ups and I just love them! I can't remember the style name maybe I can find a pic online and post it! No problem with straight jeans to pull them up but it does take so manuevering
  3. I don't own Fryes, but I know a lot of people that do. Many of them wear them over their jeans like the Mildred Engineers & the campus 14L.
  4. I went several rounds with Frye the look, but hated the pain. I decided to try a men's boot since they are wider (in the toe box) and I love them. But this only works if you are going for a non-girly style.
  5. I own two pairs of Fryes: Sunny Tall Cuff and Tina Shorty Cuff, and I think they're both great! The leather is so soft. My calves aren't especially skinny either (I'm 5'6", 130 pounds), and the Sunny Tall Cuffs slide perfectly over my jeans, with a tiny bit of extra room. I think that the shafts on Frye boots are made pretty reasonably. You'll never know unless you try them!
  6. I had a pair of tall campus boots. They're really hard/sturdy... which is good because it's really durable, but I didn't like it because it was so hard to break in -- causing me pain the first couple of days (eventually took them back). The shaft was pretty accomodating.. you can fit jeans inside if you don't have huge calves. The leather and workmanship is amazing... you should pretreat the leather with some kind of leather-protectant if you are getting it in a light color.
  7. Thanks chances88, babieejue1101, ETenebris, jhazn85 and forever21! I think I will just have to get a pair and try them out.
  8. I've got a pair of Frye Dorado Low in black leather and they are the perfect flat boots. I wear heels 95% of the time so the first times I wore them I experienced a "sinking" feeling i.e. my heel sinking - probably because I was unused to flats. However they look great with short dresses/skirts/tunics or leggings and are practical too. So I say get them, my Frye boots are the bomb.
  9. wow, i am in the middle of almost exactly the same decision. i haven't purchased yet, tho, just ordered four pairs from Zappos (when ****** had double points) but sent them ALL back cos none of them were perfect.

    in terms of looks, nora was definitely my fave - GORGEOUS leather - and comfy once i had them on. but the lack of zip made them REALLY difficult to get on and off. the shaft is pretty big, i don't think getting them over jeans would be a big problem, i just had the hardest time forcing my foot down into the shoe. and i just pictured all the awkward maneuverings every time i had to take them off inside somebody's front door, etc!

    carmen is cute, but clunkier and not as high a heel as i thought from the photos. also, the shaft height chopped off my calves at a less than flattering point - 16 inches is much better for me, i found.

    tina i didnt try, because i thought they looked dressier than what envisioned, but i now think i will give them a shot also. i really want to find a comfy, sturdy more casual boot that still meshes with my dressier clothing style. maybe i will try these camper boots also?

    hope this helps!
  10. thanks jobaker and unlimitedlou

    Unlimitedlou -- sounds like we like the same boots! Please let me know what you end up getting. You make a good point about the Nora's, I could feel a bit silly if is takes me ten minutes to get my boots on and off!

    I'm still undecided -- I think I just need to go ahead and order some from Zappos and try them on.
  11. I'm a guy so my opinion might not fare well... I have several pairs of Frye boots, and they are great. No matter what is worn with them, expect many compliments. and I do mean many!
  12. I have the black Campus short boots and love them! But, I have to wear long socks with the boots, otherwise the top of the boots cause a dent in my leg!! I love that the boots are simple looking but have about a two inch stacked heel.
  13. i love the Fryes. I have 6 pairs and they are all fab. Love the harness boots espec.
  14. The pull on styles can get irritating, especially before they stretch a bit, but they're fine once you get them on.
  15. I've been lusting over so many of the Frye boots, but unfortunately i have super narrow calves. They look like they run wide..Are there any styles that my legs won't swim in?