Considering First Prada, Please Help!


Dec 28, 2011
Hi Prada lovers,
I'm strictly a LV girl but lately I've been wanting to get the Prada Safiano Lux Tote in the Light Pink color.
I'm not familiar with safiano leather, is it durable? Would you recommend this bag? I just absolutely love the color. Thanks!


Treat Yo Self!
I bought my first Saffiano Lux tote a few months ago and I love it! Before purchasing this bag I only owned Chanel and LV. The color (Papaya) was what got me interested in Prada and the Lux tote. The Saffiano comes in such beautiful shades, as you noted. I currently have the Cobalt blue and a Papaya tote on the way.

Although I have only owned the bag for a few months, I would say the Safiano leather is very durable and easy to maintain. All in all it is a very durable, well made bag for the money. It does make me a bit upset that they have had two price increase in the last few months, however after the crazy Chanel price increases it doesn't seem all that bad!

I don't think you will be disappointed with the bag. I would certainly look at it in person to make sure you are satisfied with it before ordering.

Good luck!
May 12, 2010
I LOVE the light pink color. I've been tempted myself.
I own a black, red and caramel Saffiano tote and I adore them! You will NOT be disappointed. They are THE best bags.
Good luck!