Considering First LV Purchase - Suggestions/Recommendations?

  1. Hi. I have been doing a lot of Coach purchasing over the years and now am considering making my first LV purchase.

    Hopefully heading to the local store today to look in person but first instinct is either Speedy 30 or Alma (not sure if Canvas or Epi leather). For those of you that are well versed in LV - if you had a choice for first and maybe only purchase which style of these two? I think I saw Alma in Epi may be going away.

  2. Speedy 30... classic LV

    It is very common (well... where I live anyway) but will never date...
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  3. Hi, I would definetly recommend getting one of the classic bags. Personally I would go for the alma as first bag as it is seen less often. I believe LV is discontinuing vernis leather on all bags except the alma bb (maybe also pm). I would go for the epi leather as you already said you liked, regarding colors I would advise you to go to your local LV store and first see the bags in real life. Also the alma is slightly more versatile as the smaller sizes also come with a longer strap so the bag can be worn on the shoulder or even crossbody.
  4. Speedy 30 hands down!
    But the Alma is a beauty too!
    I would go to your local store and check out both in person and see which one better fits your lifestyle.
  5. Alma PM in Epi Leather = classic, durable, has the option of buying a strap, fits all the essentials, great for work and going out

    Speedy B 25/30 in DE = classic, durable, has two ways of being held, spacious, great for work, gym, casual events

    I would go for the one that you think you would use more and that really depends on your lifestyle.
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  6. I think a speedy 30 or Alma is a good place to start.
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  7. You can't go wrong with either bags but they project very different styles. The Alma is just a much more sophisticated bag so that would be my pick.
  8. Either are great choices so try them on. I would recommmend getting a speedy bandouliere instead of a classic so you have more options for carrying it. My first LV was a classic speedy 25, which ended up being too small and I needed a strap more than I thought. So if you get an Alma, buy the extra strap too. Good luck and have fun!
  9. What will you be using your bag for? A speedy can hold so many items and can be used for so much. The Alma is gorgeous as well, but may have a more limited feel since it may not be a go-to bag when getting ready to travel as it may not be as versatile as a Speedy B.
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  10. I picked up my Alma bb in orange epi yesterday. I am amazed at how much I could fit in such a small bag it's definitely one of my favorites and will be the one I carry for my up coming trip since I feel it can be dressed up or down. What ever you decide I can't wait to see your reveal.
  11. hi have the speedy 30 in the b version and i love it - it is classic LV!!
  12. I remember going into LV for the first time, gift card in hand, with the same dilemma. Many years later, and now a confirmed LV addict, I have to say that either the Alma or the Speedy would be awesome as your first LV. I ended up choosing a monogram bag for my first LV because I thought it would be my one and only, and wanted something light and easy to care for. I came back later for an epi Alma which I love!. You can't go wrong with either choice. I would choose the one you will carry most often based on your lifestyle.
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  13. I'm sure you'll have a great time decided they are both gorgeous. LV isn't a brand that's common where I live so I don't have a problem with seeing too many of them in my little corner of the UK.

    I'd go for the Alma if it were me. I have the PM which is surprisingly roomy and generally I prefer larger bags, I purchased a separate strap so I can wear it cross body, it also looks fabulous carried by hand. I have the Vernis leather but I love shiny/patent and it's a wonderful carefree hardwearing finish.
    I've got a Speedy 25 in Monogram Empreinte, I think this leather is TDF but I've gone off the Speedy a little, a male friend commented the larger one looked like a pet carrier and I do find the shape a little bulky.

    I personally wouldn't go for the canvas for my first and possibly only LV. I'd want to pick something a little more special, the other leathers are a bit more glamorous but can still be dressed down. I have Neverfulls in canvas and I love them but they have a casual feel and also being a larger bag they are very light and I can throw plenty in them shopping or travelling.

    Good luck deciding and don't forget to post some pictures.
  14. Both good but they project different styles. To me, the Speedy is more laid back. Throw around. Wear with jeans. The Alma is structured and seems more dressy. The Speedy more slouchy and relaxed. The Alma more structured and sophisticated.
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  15. My first LV was the Alma mono 18 years ago and I have never looked back. I still use it and love it and have just bought my third Alma the magenta vernis. I did purchase shoulder straps with both of them though and I would say if you get the Speedy get the bandolier version I have the 25b and it is a great bag.
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