Considering coming over to the dark side... lol

  1. This is probably a really weird post. I only have two designer bags and both are Chloes. I never even thought about buying an LV until the last couple weeks. I love my Chloes but they're not the type of bags I can use everyday. They get scuffed and aren't bags I feel comfortable taking to the bar. LV bags seem to be one of the most durable designer bags. I see them everywhere... maybe that's because they're great bags! The fact that they're so common was always a turn off, but there must be something about a LV that makes women swoon.

    So, here's my question. I need a good and durable everday bag. I was thinking the Monogram Speedy 25 but I'd be willing to go even smaller. I don't carry much other than my wallet, cellphone and keys. TIA!
  2. if smaller than speedy 25 i think most people will likely to suggest getting a pochette.

    do u like monogram design? there's damier ebene that's not so "loud" but still very durable. in fact most will say it's easier to use than monogram as the leather trim is dark and so no "naked leather" to worry of. have fun choosing :smile:.
  3. A pochette is not a hand bag, it is supposed to be used as a make up pouch. If you like a smaller bag, smaller then the speedy 25, then I would go with a mini looping. It is adorable, and the only leather to replace is the strap, and that can be done in any store and it does not have to go off to the repair department! I love this bag, it is just too small for me...
  4. Go for the's such a classic!
  5. Speedy 25 is a great bag. Other bags smaller that Speedy will be a Recital. If you don't carry much, you can also consider the pochettes.
  6. What do you all think of the Tambourin?

    I like bags that I can wear across my body. A shoulder bag is actually what I'm really looking for I guess. The Tambourin has a long strap and looks like it's the perfect size. But the Pochette is much more affordable and I could afford to get a new wallet (which I desperately need) as well.

    Decisions decisions!
  7. I like the Speedy best, because I think if someone only ever gets one LV then that would be the one to have. But that's just me.:smile:

    If you're looking for a really durable bag I think Damier would be best. You have to be careful with the monograms not to get the handles wet (rain, etc.) The Damier is more of an all-weather type bag.
  8. tambourin would be great if all you carry is a wallet, phone and keys. You should go to a boutique and look at all their smaller shoulder bags ... I'm sure you won't walk away empty handed ... good luck!
  9. Consider EPI leather, too. A bit more expensive than monogram, but it's very durable, more understated, etc.
  10. I think I will have to check out the Damier. What I really need is a durable bag and I always though the mono was too flashy. I don't really like the Epi even though it looks a lot more durable. I have to make a trip into the city anyway this Friday so I will go look at all the bags. It will give me time to think about this purchase too. I'm so excited!!!
  11. my monogram recommendation would be the popincourt haut. its a smaller shoulder bag than the batignolles horiz/vert and cabas piano.

    if you're looking for damier....i'd suggest the recital, ravello, illovo, and musette tango.
  12. If you are still considering monogram, also check out the Sonatine. It's smaller than the speedy 25 but bigger than the pochette. Doesn't go over the shoulder though. The Sunset Boulevard is also a nice small bag (it really only has room for your cash, credit cards, keys and phone). There are 6 slots for your credit cards and 1 zip pocket for your cash so no need for a separate wallet. It has a removable strap so it can be used as a clutch or worn over the shoulder. It only comes in Vernis though.

    Pictures: Sunset Boulevard in red (pomme) vernis; comparison shots of Sonatine, Sunset Boulevard and Monogram pochette. I hope this helps!
    DSC00875.jpg DSC00873.jpg DSC00878.jpg
  13. If you're looking for the dark side, you're in the wrong place. This is the monogram side.. :graucho: :party:
  14. The Sunset Boulevard would be my suggestion! And if you're willing to go DARK get amarante! :love: