Considering Coach for a Camera Bag

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  1. I just bought an expensive digital SLR and since I just got my bonus I want to ge a coach bag to "turn into" a camera bag. I want one with a flat bottom and I'm going to make and foam filled insert for to make my stuff safe. I was thinking sabrina but I see they aren't carried in the boutique anymore and I'm afraid I won't find one in a color I like at the outlet. Any other suggestions for a flat bottom? Everything I have now is too small. (I have bought so much in the past few months I need to do a post of all my finds!) ALSO if I go with Sabrina should I do large or small? It's too hard to choose on my own!
  2. Hmmm...interesting question. I think you could use a tote for this sort of thing. I would do a Tribeca or Alex tote, so that you have the zip top opening and you can easily fit your foam insert. Typing it out, I would lean towards and Alex because the straps are longer and reinforced.
  3. Thanks! I found this site but I didn't like those bags much. I hate the big bulky brown and black camera bags they sell in stores. *blech*
  4. These are the two that I mentioned:


    This is the grey patent, but there's black leather, too. I think they are decent but I don't know if you could get it on the shoulder with all your equipment inside.


    These are definitely deep enough and the shoulder straps are much longer. There's going to be blue, pink and silver coming out soon I've read. So I'm guessing the other colors are getting the boot.
  5. I would personally think that something smaller and easier to maneuver would be a better camera bag. Hands free, light weight, durable. I carry a big camera as well and I couldn't begin to fathom having a second purse to tote around just for the equipment.

    Are you opposed to a cross body? Albeit not the most fashion forward choice up for your consideration, but you can't beat the practicality. Think about how you take pictures. Do you really want to be setting a bag down all the time...SLR's are two hand cameras, you know? I found the below one on and I think it just looks like the perfect camera bag...and I might get one for myself! All the compartments for various lenses would be super practical, too!

    (oops...the link doesn't take you to the exact bag...I was thinking the Bleeker tote, comes in black or green for under $300!!)