considering classics

  1. I was just wondering, from all your experience, which are the true classics from Chanel. I am going to ask you to exclude the classic flaps in various sizes as we know those are true classics.
    Can for example, the bubble quilts and the coco cabas be considered classics?
    I'm considering getting either a GST, a coco cabas (which my SA tells me is very difficult to get now) or a bubble quilt bowler as my 3rd and final purchase before price goes up. I love soft bags rather than the more structured tote but the GST is growing on me.....
    And are the classic colours just black and beige?
  2. hmm... out of the 3 - only the GST is what Chanel itself considers part of their classic line.. which is basically permanent collection stuff.

    The BQ line is definitely seasonal - once it's gone it's gone.

    The cabas I think is an interesting case because technically it's seasonal, but it's such a huge seller that Chanel keeps on bringing it back... but there's no guarantee that they're going to continue to do so.

    For structure going from least to most it'd be cabas, bq bowler, then gst. The bowler will smush down if it's not filled, but just the design of it should still give it some structure.

    Good luck with your choosing - I think you can't really go wrong with any pick out of those three!
  3. To me, the classics are the items that come in caviar and lambskin. These are the flaps (which you mentioned) and then the totes, GST, medallion and clutches. The thing about "classics" is that they also have a "certain" look. The will never go out of style; no true bling, the lines are simple (which lends the bag of choice to numerous looks) and the colors are basic:black, white, red, beige/tan for the most part, with navy, pink, burgandy thrown in as needed.

    I would add the Cerf tote to this collection now also. It comes back every season and is so understated that it is now a true classic. Again brown, black and white are the shades to be found.

    Assorted totes, oversized styles and other "fashion bags" are just that; styles that are in and may stay in for a year or a tad more, but by looking at them down the road, one will be able to say "oh that was the blah blah bag. It came out in $%^( year." Doesn't mean it isn't a GREAT bag and works beautifully for you, but it really isn't one of the classics. Does that make sense? Of course, this is all JMHO.
  4. When I think classics, I think flaps, GST and PST, medallion, clutch and cerf tote.
  5. ^^ ITA w/ spylove.

    Also, I think of tweed jackets, ballet flats, and pearl necklaces.
  6. We all have a different take on "classic". First and foremost is the classic flap and since 2005, the reissue. These are the first borns, if you will. (And sneaking into the mix is the flap pouchette aka e/w.)

    Styles of totes, etc. have come and gone, been reinvented, but it's the flap that has is the "face" of Chanel. I'm guessing it's their bread and butter and why they're getting hit first with the price increase.
  7. I think of the bags listed by you the GST is the most "classic" of the three. But that is not to say the other bags are not wonderful in there own right. Good luck!:tup:
  8. Chanel newbie here. I agree with Purrrfect, the GST is probably the only "classic" from the 3 bags you mentioned. It's been around for years and women all over the world will continue to want it. I don't think the Cabas or the bubble quilt bowler have the proper elements to be considered classic or timeless. That said, I love my cabas and I can see myself carrying it in another 3 or 5 years. I can't see myself doing the same with a bubble quilt bag.
  9. you ask for classics that are NOT flaps.....IMHO they are GST, cerf, medallion, and pst.
  10. Of the three I also feel the GST is the true classic that you really can't go wrong with. The coco cabas is an amazing and fun bag but only time will tell how classic it may become...and whether it will continue to be re-released...I also love your third choice of the bubble quilt--but I feel that is the least "classic" of your choices.
  11. Thanks for all the input!!! :smile:

    What about colours? Beige and black are the true classic colours and the other colours are seasonal eg burgundy?
  12. YEP:yes:
  13. I think so too. But out of the three you mentioned, the GST is definately a classic!:yes: