Considering buying my first Mulberry - Any suggestions?

  1. Hi everyone? I am considering buying my first Mulberry bag. However, I am not at all sure about which model would be the one for me.

    I love the Bays. It's big and can be carried at a slightly more formal business event. The only negative is that it's not a crossbody bag. I think Alexa would be a great choice but then again I am not so sure I like it really. Any suggestions on other models, colours?
  2. ^^ I am about to buy my first Mulberry myself. My advice, go with the BAYS! It is the most iconic IMO and I have fallen in love with it. Good luck deciding:smile:
  3. What about a small Bays satchel as a nice cross between the two?
  4. Small Bays or printed Alexa if you like structured bags and the normal Alexa if you like slouchy leather. The Alexa is slightly bigger and is more practical IMO. Not sure if you can fit A4 papers or other business type stuff in the Alexa though.
  5. I take it the small bays satchel would be to small tho, there's not much difference between that and reg alexa. The printed alexa would look a little more formal and structured. What size of alexa are you thinking of? Bays can be a little heavy for some people. Alexa is very versatile, can be hand held, shoulder, or cross body. Can you get to a stockist to have a play with them?
  6. The small bays is a bit TOO small for me. I carry tons of stuff so there's no way they fit in there. I am actually thinking of the oversized alexa and not the regular one. Any suggestions on the colour? It's big enough to fit everything and as you said it's versatile compared to bays.
  7. Try the outlets and see if there are any Heritage Bays around. Didn't they have straps or just the SBS?
  8. Yup. They have shoulder straps just like the sbs. In fact, they are identical to the sbs with exception of the extra straps either side of the postmans lock. And I LOVE mine!!
  9. Hi Angelil.....being a recent convert to Bays (I am more of a Roxy gal at heart!) I think you should definitely consider......they really are such an iconic, good looking and extremely practical bag (and come in so many different colourways) and I'm sure you wouldn't be Steph said, check out the Outlets for more info on their current stock (prob best option):smile:...
  10. Angelil, I have both a bayswater and an Alexa and love them both! If you can get to a store, you should so you can have a good play with different ones and see which one you prefer - nothing beats a good look around a store and a good play. Have a look at the reference thread here too, to help you decide which you prefer and which style sings to you :biggrin:
  11. Hope it's okay if I jump in -- first time poster here -- but I am in the same situation, deciding between the Alexa and the Bayswater.

    I'm so sorry that I missed out on the Heritage Bayswater. I like the shape of the Bayswater better, but I would have like to have the option of a crossbody strap.

    If I understand correctly, the Heritage Bayswaters were limited edition, but I was wondering if there was any information about if it would ever be available again? Unfortunately, as I'm not in the UK, I don't have access to outlet stores.

    Thanks in advance for any insight!
  12. The Heritage bays came in 2 sizes- the smaller one is SBS size- for me too small- the large one is regular bays size but with a strap - much better size imo:graucho:
  13. Hi there and welcome- keep posting!! There are thread under Mulberry shopping where you can post what you are searching for and people will keep a look out for you- preloved may be the only option now but we can help make sure you get a good one!
  14. I only had one OS alexa and moved it on- didnt like the style in the larger size as it was too slouchy- bays is iconic and if you can find one of the larger heritage bays I think it will be perfect for what you want
  15. Thanks for the welcome! I'll go check out that thread!