Considering buying CLs

  1. I am falling prey to everyone here who loves them and am thinking about finally taking the plunge and buying a pair of CL peep-toes (since I own no peep toes).

    But can you really walk in them? Are they really comfortable enough for a night on the town?

  2. I have a pair of wedges and they are pretty comfortable for a 4 inch heel. I do feel it after a whole day on them though. I also have a pair of Prives which are really gorgeous but I think its a little big. I'm going to try and find a pair in size 5.5.
  3. I have Very Prives and they are suprisingly comfortable to walk in for a 4.5" heel. The inside is padded too. I wear a 9.5 to 10 US and got a 40.5 in the VPs and they fit perfect.
  4. They are very comfortable! Hope you get them!
  5. They are comfy and easy to walk in.
  6. They are comfy considering the height of the heel. But they are high.
  7. Thank you for the input! When I asked comfortable I meant comfortable for the fact that they have a 4.5 in. heel, LOL. I keep going back to Saks and trying on the same pair of patent YoYos. I keep leaving them there and then coming back to look at them. I know I need to buy them or somone else will snatch them up. I'm happy to hear that they're padded.
  8. They are very nice.
  9. Well, I decided to go with the Bruges since they were on sale and cheaper. Perhaps some day I will be brave enough to go with the YoYos or the Prives. If these go well, I may not be able to resist the Prives! (except I'd probably have to sell a bag to get them).
  10. If you don't mind me asking, where did you find the bruges on sale? Saks?
    Also, how much were they?

    Thanks & hope you enjoy your CLs- bruges are a gorgeous choice!:love:
    What color did you get- we gotta see a pic! :yes:
  11. Hi, yep, they were at Saks! They were on a sale table sort of dumped in with all the other shoes. That's why I went in looking for the Yoyos with the singback heel and leaving with the Brugues. They're black! I'm sure they were a store return because there is sort of a scuff in the leather across the right back heel, but the soles look good except for a little scuffing on the edges, so maybe someone did that while they were trying them on in the store.

    Anyway I got them for $399!
  12. I do plan on psoting pics! I need to get all the shoes I've bought in the last few months together and take a group shot (it's only 4 pairs, but mnow I'm on a shoe ban, I think).
  13. Never mind. I think they're going back. I forgot what unyielding patent leather does to my heels. Ow! I will need to wait and see what non-patent leather CLs I want ato buy!
  14. Aww...that sucks. :sad:

    What size are they? I have patent leather nude Very Prives (closed back w/peeptoe) and the patent leather doesn't bother me at all- they feel the same as my plain black leather ones.

    Sorry they didn't work out- that was an awesome price for them! Like half off!
  15. Hi! They are 37.5. In any brand of shoes I am between a 37.5 and a 38 (except Prada, then I'm a 39), but usually I'm a 37.5. If you don't mind me asking how do your Prives fit? Did you need to go larger or were they true to size for you?