Considering an LV!

  1. Hi!

    I am new the LV forum. I've been lurking around for while, even more so since the Coach forum was closed, but I am really considering getting a Louis Vuitton now. What would you girls suggest my first one be?!?!

    Thanks for advice! :smile:
  2. damier azur speedy!!!!! or any speedy :smile:
  3. speedy
  4. Another Damier Azur Speedy vote here!
  5. Speedy - can't go wrong there girl!
  6. Any Speedy!
  7. speedy for sure. Its a great first LV buy.
  8. Since speedy is the obvious choice, what size?!?!
  9. I prefer speedy 30 because the opening is bigger. I have a damier speedy 25 and I rarely use it.
  10. Speedy for sure. Any kind - I love my mono speedy 30 though.
  11. ^^^^^
    Agree with above. Why is the Coach forum closed?
  12. Hey there and welcome!!!!!!

    I think that a speedy like everone suggested would the perfect 1st bag...but its best to check out the website and go to a boutique to try a few on........

    Dont forget to post pics once you decide!!!!!
  13. Classic Monogram Speedy 30 or 25 depends on what size you can't go wrong with that! A timeless classic that will never go out of style!
  14. I would suggest a shoulder bag, maybe a batignolles?

    Also, this is the year of the Lockit! YOu'll have plenty of Lockit style to pick from. It's a nice alternative to the speedy!
  15. speedy