Considering a Spy

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  1. Ok, so latley I have been obsessed with the idea of getting a spy bag. I guess this is your chance to talk me into it..
    1 What color would you suggest for a first spy?
    2. are they comfortable/easy to carry ? (have never seen one IRL)
    3. I still have one toddler in the house, sizwise, can i stash his essentials inside?
  2. kimmya I have just bought my first spy and i lluurrrvvveeee it!! I have it in chocolate... I had never even carried or tried on a spy before this one but I love its size and shape.

    I am thrilled my first spy bag and would recommend it!!
  3. Hi kimmya, i just bought my first spy as well. it's the medallion denim spy! although not too many ppl love this material but i LOVE it! just have to tell you that spy bag is really wonderful! good size, nice to carry (it can be hand held or carry on my shoulder for me) and care free(i normally carry my LV and i always worry abt the handle from getting dirty)
    besides, i'm a mother of three (5,3 and 3months!!!) and it works perfectly for me. so pls get one spy bag for yourself! i'm getting a baby spy soon, hehe...
  4. You should see one first and try the bag, its a lot of money to pay if you do not like it. Now is a good time to get one with the sales on.
  5. I agree with Saich, and as with most Fendis its a love/hate. Many people in fact started out hating it even after they saw it and tried it on, but later fell in love so its tricky;).

    As for colors, what are you favorites? Do you want a safe looking bag that matches everything or something that will catch everyones attention?

    The spy is a big bag but has no inside compartments with zippers so it depends on what you want to carry. If it is heavy the braided handles might hurt your shoulders, especially if there isn't cloth between the bag and your skin (sleeveless). Hope that helps some..and please let us know your fav. colors!
  6. UH I just reread your post...for a FIRST spy? :graucho:;):p
  7. I absolutely LOVE the spy bag... it's one of my top three favorite bags of all time, and I that really says a lot because I am extremely fickle when it comes to bags. :p I love the size, shape, and how lightweight it is.

    If you don't have an amazing brown or black bag, I would suggest going for a staple color like black, chocolate, or cognac. You'll want to wear your spy ALL the time, so having a color that goes with everything is a good idea. Someone else mentioned the denim medallion spy... I too think that's a lovely bag. A great casual everyday bag... it just depends on your lifestyle.

    Trying one on first, as Saich suggested, or getting it (on sale!) from someplace you can return it is a very good idea, just in case you're one of the few people who don't love the bag on.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  8. I think the spy is a gorgeous bag and you won't regret buying one ... it's definitely become a classic in it's own right!

    1. Pick a dark color since you have a toddler.
    2. It is a very light bag, very easy to carry but it is hand held ... so it might be a little difficult to carry while holding your toddler's hand.
    3. It's a huge bag, you can definitely fit a couple of diapers and small diaper wipes container (the carrying size one). Though I'd recommend putting them first in a large ziploc bag in case of spills.

    I have a lil' 3 yr old DD and two older sons ... they're always putting all their stuff in my bags. That's just my experience with the spy HTH!
  9. This is exactly my experience. Four Spies later, it is still something I cannot explain. So, think about which color is most practical for you. I also use a couple of bags inside for organization. And watch out for kneehighz, lol, she is a professional enabler!
  10. I think chocolate would be a great color to start with, and of course you cant go wrong with black. If you find a Petrol I say go for it (I am STILL dying for one, tho never have the money when I find one, and never find one when I have the money!) All are dark but neutral colors that can be worn with anything. I have it in Honey, but I dont use it as much as I'm concerned with getting it scuffed or dirty...the darker colors will wear the distressing and hide it better.
  11. 1) Chocolate
    2) Black Patent
    3) Grey
  12. i recently bought one in black. I love it they're very convenience and easy to i say black but if you already have other black bag then get honey ( its a very attractive color).
  13. I had a choco spy and loved the way it looked but unless you carry alot of stuff, its too big. and if you are planning to carry alot of your little ones things the only thing I can say is that while it is big, the opening isn't very big and the handles/flap do get in the way if you need to get something out fast.
  14. I recently bought a spy in lilac and plan on buying one in cognac any day now...if you start with one, you'll want more. Trust me!!! It's the best bag and trust me, I have loads!! A good color to start off with is cognac or chocolate. Good luck!!! Have fun choosing one!!