Considering a mono speedy

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  1. I really want a mono speedy, but I'm completely torn between a 25 and 30. I already have the Papillion 26, but I kind of want something a little bigger. Any suggestions on what size I should get?

    And I'm 5'9/135 lbs if that helps anyone. . .
  2. It's really a matter of personal choice, but I personally prefer the 30 and think you'd pull it off beautifully at your height.
  3. speedy 30 :smile:
  4. speedy 30
  5. 30 all the way!!!
  6. I reckon the speedy 30, the speedy 25 is a little small for everyday use. Plus the 25 will look out of proportion to your height.
  7. Def. the 30 for any size human! It's perfect!
  8. Mono speedy 30 for your height. It will look hot on you!
  9. 30!
  10. 30 all the way! im 5'6" and 125lbs and I LOVE the 30
  11. 30 for sure
  12. I'd go for the 30.
  13. 30
  14. I almost always recommend the 25, but for you, taking into consideration your height, I think youd look wonderful with the 30!!
  15. 30.