considering a first purchase

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  1. So, I've never gotten any Coach items before though I've admired them for ages, but I think I'd really like to get some kind of wristlet or wallet-type thing soon. I go out with just money, phone and keys frequently and would rather not carry my Vera Bradley in my hand all the time or try to stuff it all in a pocket. If I'm just hanging out in the city or whatever, do you think a wristlet would be appropriate and not get too annoying to hold on to? Would I be able to pick up a pretty nice one on eBay for $20-ish or would I be better off stopping by Target for something like this?

    Oh, if it might influence anything, I'm sixteen, really careful with my stuff, and usually not high-budget at all. I'd really like to get something I could carry year-round. I'm absolutely brand-new here, so I hope I'm doing everything the right way! :smile:
  2. you definatly should be able to get on on ebay for under $30, ill look for some links
  3. I love my wristlets and they're not annoying at all to carry around! Just sling it around your elbow and it hangs comfortably! Depending on the wristlet, you can carry a lot of stuff
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    Ooh, awesome, thank you both so much!

    EDIT: I was sorta eying these but I have no idea how to tell what is or isn't authentic. I do know there's a forum for that, I'll check it if I actually decide to go for any of 'em. :smile: (not actually a wristlet, but it looks like it might still hold enough?)
  5. I have the first wristlet listed in lilac and it is awesome! Holds a lot of stuff and is easy to carry. Or then if I am carrying a bigger bag I can just throw it in there. :smile:

    Good luck!