Considering a Box....share what you love/hate about it

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  1. So for the longest time I was upset that I couldn't find a rouge vif Twiggy but then I tried a Twiggy this week and really didn't think it was working for me: it hangs a little weird on my shoulder with the shoulder strap (preferred carrying method), I found it hard to get my hands in and out of the bag and was fishing for my items moreso than with my City.

    Soooo, I am thinking about bidding on a Box. She looks like a dream but I need to know what you think about the Box, tell me everything I need to know because I can't try one on locally, I'm depending on my Bgirls!!

    By the way: I usually do not fill up my City to capacity, just carry the essentials.
  2. I find that the twiggy looks like a sausage when using the strap, and I didn't like that. As for the box, unless I stuff it quite full, I find that it'll look like a mini sausage too :s .

    Also, I find that the box's handles seem to look a lil' awkward when using the strap?? Or is it just me? I realised that I never thought so about my city, so I took out my city and posed around with it until I finally figured it out. Cos of the box's small size, the handles are almost the same size as the box itself. I still haven't figured out which look I like better when using the strap - the handles resting on TOP of the box OR the handles hanging down by the sides

    When I grab my city's strap to up and go, the city hangs nicely. But when I grab my box's strap, the box seems to turn round and round for a while before it rights itself up. I'm still puzzled as to why... maybe cos of its "roundish" shape and size, and there's not enough weight (bag's leather and contents) to weigh it down?? Whereas the city is obviously heavy enough and the first is not roundish?? :shrugs:

    But all that said, the box is a nice smaller Bbag to have, and you wouldn't need to fish around like in your city.

    All in all, I think my personal fav is the city, followed by the day, then it's a toss between the courrier and the box.

    If the first had a slightly longer strap, I'd get the first instead of the box. Have you considered a first?
  3. i'm not a fans of the box. i think the bag looks too tiny for me. as the twiggy is too long yet short.
    honestly my fave styles range from the first, city, work, weekender and purse.
  4. Hmm, the first time I picked up a First I said no way, it's tiny for everyday. Is this how the Box is? Too small for everyday but better for evenings/going out? I'm looking for an everyday bag (keys, wallet, compact umbrella, ipod, phone).
  5. the box is perfect! Its much more practical than the first for daily use! It works great on the arm or with the shoulder strap. It fits just enough and looks good almost empty or full to the brim. This is one of my FAVORITE bags! SO lucky to have two of them!
  6. i think the box can fits more things than the first... but me not liking the boxy shape...
    do u considered a city? looks like u carry quite a lot of things
  7. ya, seahorse, i have a city and LOVE it, but i think i need a slightly smaller bright colored bag!
  8. If First is too small but you want something smaller than a City, I think Box is worth a try. I am trying my first Box style (Ink), too. I like First, but wanted more width. City bags are great for work. It looks like there is another Ink Box in NM White Plains that Z&J found. Oh, but you said you wanted a bright colored bag... Isn't there a red one on eBay?
  9. Yes, there is a beautiful rouge vif on ebay. I've wanted RV for a while and this might be the bag to go for. But I'm nervous, never bought a pricey item on ebay before. plus, I've never tried the Box so I'm kinda nervous I won't like it.
  10. i tried the box briefly when i was looking for a hand-held satchel kind of bag - i thought it would be perfect, but nooo. even without the shoulder strap attached, it seemed to me like it had too much going on for a small bag, and i didn't like the way it collapsed between the handles at the top. and i found that everything i put in it just collapsed into a little pile. i didn't like.
  11. Yeah, I hear you bal newbie... Mine is from Barneys so if I have a chance to return... If you do decide to go for the one on eBay, you should do Best Offer. I think she considers Best of Offer most of the time. I saw a Ink Twiggy on sale from her for BIN $1200 and she took Best Offer of $1040. The retail is $985 for Box, I think... Or try a nation-wide search on Box style from NM or Barneys or Bal NY so you have the option of returning it. I know, I hear you... It is hard to think about taking a chance for the price...
  12. The Box is too small for my needs, so that's the only thing holding me back from getting it.
  13. I LOVE MY BOX!!! It's the same length of as the first (just about) but wider so you can fit more in it. I like that it's short in height because them you're not so overwhemled by a big hunkin' piece of leather bag (like my city) I haven't used any bag since i got my box. I prefer to carry it by hand or in my arm. It fits over the shoulder if you're tiny. But it is perfect for the essentials. I only put my wallet, phone, small dayplanner, pen, phone, keys and eyeglasses case in it and everything fits perfectly!
  14. ps the box retails for $995. and I also wear mine without the strap because it is long for a small bag.
  15. Does it look weird with the strap worn on shoulder. Seems too long for such a little bag.