Considerig Chloe

  1. Hi, I have been thinking about buying my first Chloe. I love the look of the bag, but everytime I try the bags on, they are extremely heavy. Is this the norm for Chloe bags or are there lighter ones?
  2. Which design are you after? The leather ones like the Paddington or Edith can be heavy, depending on which style you purchase.
  3. The Paddington is my fave but it's also the heaviest of all bags I've held - ha ha. I say browse all styles and shapes!
  4. yes, the paddy is heavy but you really do get used to it quickly.

    I was lucky enough to get a Chloe Betty recently too, and that is very light in comparison, so you may want to look at these too. :smile:
  5. Maybe try a baby Paddy, or take the lock off (one PFer did that and said she still likes the look). I think you'd get used to it, though - kinda like stilettos, in that a little sacrifice of comfort is worth it b/c it's so darn pretty.:yes:
  6. I love my Chloes, but now that I have discovered other bags I love (Balenciaga!) I do have to admit that the weight can be bothersome when compared to lighter bags. But it all depends on how much you will be carrying for long periods of time. I walk blocks and blocks every day, so lugging a heavy bag around can be a pain. But like I said, it didn't bother me too much UNTIL I realized what a difference carrying a light bag can make.

    Paddies are definitely the heaviest in my opinion. I carried my anthracite satchel yesterday and I was bothered by the weight after having carried my b-bag for the past few weeks. However, I have a small pocket paddy (NM carries this style online in gold; that's the bag I have) and it's pretty light and because of the long straps it is easy to carry on your shoulder. Silverado satchels are fairly light, and python silverados are even lighter. (at least the old ones are. I can't attest to the newer bags.) As other people mentioned, the Betty is also a lighter bag. I don't own any bettys, but I have tried them on.

    I hope this helps!:heart:
  7. Yes the paddys are a little heavy but you get use to it very quickly. They are awsome bags and get tons of compliments! NAP has paddys on sale right now great colors, and they are marked down from $1500 to around $900! Let us know what you decide!
  8. Paddies are heavy, but damn they are fabulous! You will get used to the weight in no time, and before you know it- it will be the one bag you can't stop wearing. The leather is amazing, and it is very user friendly. If you are concerned about weight, I totally agree with everyone, try the Betty. This is one of my most favorite Chloe designs!!!