Consider the Parme Inclusion Bracelet for Spring and Summer! **Pics**

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  1. I am so pleased with my new Inclusion Bracelet. I selected the Parme Inclusion Bracelet simply because Eluxury was selling the TPM size (the itty bitty one!) and this was the only color they had in stock. Well, I am not disappointed in the least and it certainly made it easy to decide which one to get!

    Notice how nicely it looks with my nail polish (Bubble Bath by OPI). I know many are passing on the Parme color, but I think if you wear light nail polish like this it is real :boxing:knock-out!

  2. Do you like?
  3. hi DS :heart:
    can't see your pic. congrats on your inclusion!
  4. me either, can't see pics
  5. No pics.
  6. cant see your pic?? i want to see!!
  7. Hmm.. it looks like your files haven't attached, because the link doesn't actually lead to anywhere. :sad:
  8. pls check.. didnt see any pics.
  9. Here is the pic. Gosh. I am glad someone said something! I was booted off tPF and it mustn't have attached properly. But the odd thing was I could see it!

    Attached Files:

  10. There
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  11. ^the parme looks like the pink in that photo.

  12. its very refreshing! i want your transparent one!!!! :heart:33 ive been searing for one =/ but no luck.
  13. It's beautiful!!

    Me likey! :yes:

  14. Ooh it looks pretty!

    But can someone please tell me what the difference between PM and TPM is?
  15. This bracelet is a TPM meaning that the opening is 2.25" as opposed to 2.5" opening for the regular PM. Other than that there is no difference between the two.