Conservative Workplace?

My employer does not have a formal dress code on the books. So, depending on the individual's line of work, employees wear anything from business suits to sweater and jeans to uniforms. With that said, I personally carry a COACH duffle sac bag to work. Like I mentioned in a previous thread, I would not dare bring my Gucci or LV bags to work. One look at those bags and my boss would think I don't need a pay raise or promotion.
I work at Macy*s and as managers, we're still pretty casual.. and since we're a group of young managers, we're all fairly trendy.. lately, i've just been using my bigger bags to throw everything in.
well i work near wall street and for a pretty big corporate company, but basically we just walk in and stay in our cubicles so no one really sees or cares what kind of bag you carry, they care more about the actual clothes and shoes... so i walk in with my balenciaga or paddington usually. most of my female co workers don't recognize them as high end bags, they are more familiar with LV, coach, gucci, so they never say anything...
Well ... I work in International Investment Banking ... so, need I say that it's EXTREMELY conservative! Plus ... I work in Boston (when I'm in the states) ... need I say more?

Most of my co-workers think I'm wacko anyhow, because I have multiple ear piercings (left ear only) and while I have to wear a suit, I "spice" it up with lots of accessories (funky shoes, jewelry and handbags). At this point, I think they've gotten use to me and kind of expect it.

The strange thing is that I find that the other cities that I work in (e.g., NYC, London, Amsterdam and Paris) are much more accepting of the differences. Oftentimes, I get loads of compliments when working in those cities (the women will notice something and tell me that they really like it). Here in Boston, I rarely get remarks ... just a "look" (that look that says "what the heck do you have on?"). I don't care ... I refuse to look like an old frump (which is how the majority of women that I work with look like - UGGH!!!). Oftentimes, the men will comment on something ... they also seem to be a lot more accepting of different clothing/accessories, etc. I'm not even sure half of the women I work with would even know the difference between a Balenciaga, Fendi, Chloe, etc.!!! They are so lame ... :sick:
Most of my staff dresses very casually, but because we're in a building that's primarily Operations and Production groups they can get away with it. Being a department head, I dress a bit more formally. I tend to wear very basic clothes (slacks, sweater and a jacket) and jazz up with accessories. Most of the clothes I wear to work daily are Ann Taylor and the occasional Talbot's (I'm short, and both of these companies have a petite line that fits me well). I do wear jeans on Friday's and occasionally during the week if I know there's no chance of being requested to attend any meetings. If I have a meeting with other VP's or above, I'll be sure to wear either a suit or a dressier pair of pants and jacket. I don't wear skirts because I HATE pantyhose :evil: , and frankly they just feel too dressy for our workplace.
I Dress casually, but in plain colors, I usually am wearing jeans ( not distressed, or destroyed), a back or white shirt, usually 3/4 sleeves, small earrings, studs, etc, and light mke-up. Bags I could care less what anyone thought, for all they know it was a present. So I usually take a LV pouch, or Prada tote. I get commision, so raise isn't an option unless I apply for a managers job.:biggrin:
Well, I work in as an accountant in a pretty big oil and gas corporation and you know what they say about accountant;boring job, boring people. But I don't feel that way. I refuse to look boring and refuse to feel boring. I am what I am guess and my job as an accountant doesn't change me as who I am inside and what I like. To work I dress pretty conservative, but I like to wear something a bit modern too so I don't look boring he he. And I like high end bags.

I changes bags alot and it depends what I am wearing. But I must say..non of my co worker or the people in my department dress beyond normal conservative. I and a handful of other people that work in that department probably the most fashionable people in that department but still we never go beyond..I guess there are something that the accountant can't go beyond that is being accountant. And being accountant you are kind of limited to the accountant world.

I have seen some other coworkers are carrying high end bags like LV to work but that is. I guess LV is the most familiar bag in the world.
I do business development (public relations/advertising) for a construction company. My office attire is pretty casual (open toe shoes, no pantyhose required). But when I meet with potential clients, do a presentation or to go a conference, I do have to dress in a suit or very conservatively, and I choose my bag accordingly. I usually carry my LV Damier Papillon, or my Burberry Small Tote. They both go well with my suits and look clean and professional.
I teach English literature in a high school (the same high school where I studied :smile:) so I can really dress what I like. I rarely wear skirts or high-heels because I like to feel comfortable in my clothes, but I like to experiment with the rest of my closet. Teenagers are very involved in fashion, they always try to look different in a very personal way and this is so exciting, because experimenting with clothes is one of my passions and working with teenagers is a continuous source of inspiration.
Work casual.....there are only 10 of us and all of them use fake designer bags. I use whatever I feel like, whether it's my gold melie bianco or pink suede tortilla.
I am a college instructor in a smaller town in Canada. No one at my workplace would recognize a designer bag if it hit them in the head. Had my Balenciaga for a year before anyone recognized it - when I went to Toronto !!!!!! :lol:
baglady said:
Like I mentioned in a previous thread, I would not dare bring my Gucci or LV bags to work. One look at those bags and my boss would think I don't need a pay raise or promotion.

I agree with baglady wholeheartedly. Although DC is pretty conservative, my office is pretty casual unless we have major donors coming in (we are a non-profit). People tend to wear jeans in the office - most people in my office are under 30. Although I have some nicer bags, I usually wear something less "high-end designer" - like my Longchamp or Kate Spade totes. Most people in the office barely make a liveable wage (for the DC Metro area), but work there for the "cause". Also, most of my colleagues are guys straight out of college, so they probably wouldn't know the difference between Coach and Fendi. Anyway, I agree with baglady in that I don't want to chance my "well-paid" superiors thinking that I don't need a promotion....I am saving to buy my first place (and the occassional bag).