Cons or pros?

  1. I overheard some people talking today. It was about illegal immigration. The guy was saying there's more pros, while the girl said more cons. Something the guy said struck me. He said, "If they were legal, things would probably be the same anyway." So, thisn't about whether you're for or againt illegal immigration, but do you think the benefits are equal to or out way the cons?
  2. Our family has had problems with immigrants ever since we came to this country.
  3. :yes:
  4. i think people need to understand.

    Americans need immigrants because "citizens" would not work for that low of a wage for that amount of work that is required (e.g. agriculture..sp!)

    so therefore we tolerate them.

    but when resentment and time of "cutting down expenses" arrive, those in politics must listen to the citizens who doesn't want "immmigrants" draining up the system.

    not realizing that while they do, they also pay taxes when they purchase goods. and do not think about those "citizens" that are poor and unwilling to work and perfectly content on staying on some sort of gov't aid to the point where they're pros at it..i'm not talking about the single mother down on her luck either.

    so, like i said, when the resentment arises, the people in politics who want to be elected again, who wants to be percieved as people who are doing their work and working for the people will pass laws or make a point to drive out the illegal immigrants who are "draining" our workforce and system

    at the same time they would allow "illegal immigrants" as long as they don't cause trouble, to continue to sneak over the border and work or for those who already are here, stay and work, as long as they don't want more or bring attention among stay here

    and work

    because we need them. period. no one else will work that low. and if no one works that low, either the job is not going to be done, or the companies will have to pay more for workers like "us"

    and that cost will be past on to the consumers, not taken out of the owners and executive's pockets (don't be so naive) and then there's going to be a crisis where certain classes can't afford the higher price because buying food is not the only expense we incur, but certainly one we need on a daily basis so the cheaper the better

    if they were legal i don't think it would be the same.

    because a) we'd actually have to pay them minimum wage (not that it's much) but certainly like i said, the labor costs as it rises will be passed on to the consumers and really, we like things cheap in this country! *why else are most of our goods imported from china?!*

    and b) when we've been "satuated" with enough workers, and if we have to actually kick some of them out, as citizens we can't do that on a whim, certainly as illegal immigrants we can...sounds harsh but again, lets not be so naive. it certainly happens more then you think, it's just very hush hush but as a country we still deport people!
  5. Ok, I hope I dont get attacked here. But, I think a lot of the people come here illigally to support their families they have left behind or have brought with them. For more opportunity, a better life. I wish people would do it legally because we should all follow the laws. But, as a Mom, I would absolutely go to a better country, illegally or legally to get a better life for my children. So, in that way I totally understand why they do it.
    OK, be nice...:winkiss:
  6. i agree that illegal immigrants do a lot of the "dirty work" that citizens or legal immigrants would require minimum wage a future school teacher in texas i see a lot of problems. children of illegal immigrants are educated for free, yet taxpayers pay for the same education for their own children. also, i get tired of illegal immigrants complaining that they can't go to the police or the hospital for fear of being deported...yet i know that things are often worse where they come from.

    i'm torn...probably bc my family waited 10 years to become citizens after being "resident aliens." i know things won't change tho, even if they do create the great wall of texas :smile:
  7. :shrugs: I'm not saying i agree either way, i was just stating the situation the way i see it.

    if there is a change there's no "quick" solution but most of Americans have gotten to the point where instant gratification is a norm and it's really difficult to have changes made where there is not a lot of passion and let's face it. we talk about it, we know about it, but how many of us really are touched enough that we would sacrifice our life (by that i mean changes take a lifetime if not several to fully evolve and often times we won't see the our work completed) for this?

    especially when we have our own problems and yes, that makes us sound selfish, but....

    okay, i'm going to stop before i get this too complicated or stick my foot where it doesn't belong.
  8. :yes:
    I understand also..I don't like the fact that they are essentially cutting in front of those who are completing the process of becoming a legal citizen.
  9. I'm just not down with the "Boat Whitey Back to Europe" thing.

    You'd have all these millions of people on the roads who are used to driving on a different side, it would cause thousands of auto accidents on European highways, and the deportees would be traumatized by being suddenly surrounded with such an enormous variety of premium quality cheese.